ICC World Cup 2023 – Ab De Villers Names His Four Semi-Finalists And Winner Of The World Cup 2023

ICC World Cup 2023:

The legendary batsman of South Africa, AB de Villers has his verdict on the top four teams for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which will be played in India.

AB de Villers who played for the South Africa team was also known as MR 360, or Superman of Cricket is regarded as one of the finest batters ever to play the game. He reveals his best four teams that he thinks will play the semis of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

De Villers even though picked all the sub-continental teams except one but believes that he has taken a risky call of choosing three sub-continental teams as the semi-finalists of the World Cup 2023, but he reveals that he wants to take this call because there will be good batting tracks in India during the World Cup.

On his YouTube channel, AB de Villers named his top four teams which includes three Non-Asian teams and the host team. The four teams picked by AB de Villers are as follows: England, Australia, South Africa, and India.

‘’ I have gone with three non-subcontinental teams, which is very risky, but I will stick to it because I think the wickets will be good. I don’t think the wickets will be bad during the duration of the tournament ‘’, de Villers said.

The former top-order batsman of South Africa, AB de Villers also picked his country, South Africa as he thinks they will be in the top four because they are a very good side in the upcoming World Cup 2023.

‘’ Our boys will be there, we have got a very good team, a bit inexperienced, but a very good team. I know Rob Walter, our white ball coach, knows exactly what he is doing ‘’, ABD further added.

ABD believes that four teams which include the defending champions, England, followed by a strong team like Australia, and the host nation India will be there in the top four teams at the end of the tournament.

De Villers further picked South Africa as the last team to qualify even though he thinks that Pakistan is a side to beat in the World Cup but he threw his weight behind South Africa to qualify for the Semis of the ICC Cricket World Cup in India.

‘’ I want to go with South Africa, even though Pakistan has a really good chance as well. So, the fourth team will be South Africa ‘’, he concluded.


AB de Villers picks the home team and the defending champions, the England team as the finalists and he thinks that if this happens, the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will be a treat to watch this year.

‘’ England and India are in the final. If they can find each other in the final, I think that will be fantastic, even though I want my South African boys to be there ‘’, he concluded.

AB De Villers picked India as the winner of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, he believes that it’s gonna be a fairy tale World Cup for India and they will go on to win the World Cup in India.

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