de villiers and babar azam
de villiers and babar azam

‘’ I Love The Way He Plays The Game ‘’, AB de Villiers Shared His Views About Babar Azam

AB de Villiers Shared His Views About Babar Azam:

The former Proteas captain and batter, Ab de Villiers on his YouTube channel says that he always believed that Babar Azam is gonna be a great batsman in the future.

The Pakistani captain, Babar Azam has said this many times that when he started cricket, his role model was AB de Villiers and he also tried to copy his playing style.

AB de Villiers also known as MR 360 believes that Babar Azam’s technique is quite similar to Hashim Amla, who also played for South Africa and made a great name in world cricket.


ABD replied to a question on his YouTube channel, about his first meeting with Babar Azam and the interaction he had with the Pakistani captain for the first time.

‘’ I think it was in Dubai. We had this interaction when he met me for the first time in the PSL. It was very special to see because at that time I knew he was gonna be great. He stood in front of me as a fan and I was like hey relax. I am also just a human, just like you. You are gonna be great one day. I have watched you play and you are incredible ‘’, ABD about the first meeting he had with Babar Azam.

‘’ We shared some nice thoughts about the game, and said some nice stuff to him, which I feel or believe he appreciated it. I have a lot of respect for him ‘’, ABD shared on his YouTube channel.

ABD COMPARES Babar With Hashim Amla:

AB de Villiers compared Babar Azam’s technique with the former South African batsman, Hashim Amla. He believes that Babar Azam has a similar sort of technique, he knows how to keep himself calm and composed under pressure.

‘’ I love the way he plays the game. It’s very similar to Hashim Amla, always very calm at the crease, and always looks in control. He loves the big moments, loves the pressure and I have a lot of respect for him ‘’, de Villiers further added.

‘’ Thanks, Babar for keeping a close eye on my technique throughout the years. I hope it worked for you as well. I am sure something has worked but I am not sure if it has anything to do with me. Anyways Babar, what a great player ‘’, de Villiers concluded.

The captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam is currently one of the top-ranked batsmen in all formats of the game. He is one of the best batters in international cricket at the moment, without any doubt.

He is currently ranked No.1 in ODI cricket, No.3 in T20Is, and No.4 in Test cricket.

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