Umar Gul who has recently worked with the Pakistan team as an interim bowling coach for the series against Afghanistan and New Zealand expressed what he has seen in the Pakistan team under the leadership of Babar Azam.

Babar Azam, the all-format captain of the Pakistan team was on rest during the series against Afghanistan but was back to lead the team in the series against New Zealand where Umar Gul was also serving as interim bowling coach.

The former Pakistani cricketer who was with the Pakistan team in the recently concluded New Zealand shared his views on the leadership of Babar Azam in the Pakistan team – Babar Azam is always reported as a very strong captain for Pakistan and Umar Gul reveals how dominant he is in taking his decisions for the Pakistan team as a captain.

In a recent interview with Cricket Pakistan, Umar Gul stamped that Babar Azam is a strong force in the Pakistan camp and is a very dominant captain which is very important in the success of the Pakistan team.

‘’ I have worked with Babar Azam and have observed him closely during the New Zealand series, as far as I have seen him and talked with him during the series – he is trying his best to dominate and is also a dominant captain in the team because when we look at his performances against the Kiwi team, it’s evident that he leads with authority ‘’, he added.

‘’ If I talk about the New Zealand series, Babar Azam was the captain of Pakistan in the series and both the captain and coach were mutually taking decisions, he is trying to be a dominant captain – if you are a dominant captain and the performance of the team is also exceptional then I think you can consider yourself a dominant captain. If Babar is leading the team, he should be dominant ‘’, he further added.

The former Pakistani cricketer believes that Babar Azam is the right man for this job because if he is taking the decisions then he is also responsible and that’s the main thing you want in your captain that he leads the team from the front with all the responsibility because he has to manage the players whether it’s on or off the field.

‘’ If you are giving him a squad of 15 players and he picks the playing XI on his own then he is also responsible for the results, the captain leads the team on the ground so I think he should be dominant, and as we all know it’s the attribute of a leader to lead the team from the front and perform and how you look after your players on and off the field ‘’, he added.

Even though Umar Gul has praised Babar Azam for his leadership skills and dominant approach in the Pakistan team but still he feels that there is also room for improvement as the process of learning never ends and every player learns various things in his career.

‘’ It’s good that he is dominant but there are still many areas he can learn. No one is a born captain, everyone has to learn various things at various stages of their career and you have room for improvement in every department, you learn different things in different conditions ‘’, he stated.

He emphasized in his interview with Cricket Pakistan, that the current all-format captain of the Pakistan team is a dominant force within the team, and when you and your team are performing well, your power as a captain is justified because you are accountable for the team’s performance.

‘’ Babar Azam is a powerful captain and the whole team is under his control – It will be better for Pakistan if he performs well and I hope he continues to perform like this for Pakistan ‘’, he concluded.

In the recent series against New Zealand, Babar Azam’s led Pakistan side was ranked as the #1 ranked ODI side for the first time ever in the history of the game – even though that spot only left for a day but still after the annual rankings update, Pakistan Team is the #2 ranked ODI team in the world under the leadership of Babar Azam.

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