Pakistani captain, Babar Azam, is not only from Pakistan but is also the greatest batsman in the world right now, he is the top-ranked ODI batsman in the world for quite a long time now and is also the only batsman in the world that is ranked in top 5 of ICC rankings across all formats in the world.

In his recent interview, Pakistani captain Babar Azam revealed who is his favorite batsman in the world, he named four batters in the world whom he enjoys watching – out of those four batters only one batsman is from Pakistan.

Mazhar Arshad asked Babar Azam to name the batsman, currently in the world that he loves to watch, and in his interview, Babar Azam named his four favorite batsmen – Kane Williamson, Abdullah Shafique, Joss Buttler, and Joe Root are the four batters named by Babar Azam whom he loves to watch.

  • In his latest interview, Babar Azam was asked that if you are sitting at home, watching TV who will be the batsman you will think I will watch his batting, is there anyone like this, overall in the world or even in Pakistan?

‘’ I always enjoy the batting of every person, I try not to miss any match and in case I miss any match I watch the highlights of the match – I enjoy the batting of Kane Williamson, Abdullah Shafique is another batsman whom I love the way he plays and I enjoy watching him bat, Joe Root is another which I enjoy and there is always excitement when I watch the batting of Joss Buttler ‘’, he replied to Mazhar Arshad.


Kane Williamson is the captain of New Zealand’s National cricket team and is regarded as one of the best batsmen of the modern era, he is actually a very good friend of Babar Azam and we have seen them together on many international tours and tournaments. Kane Williamson is one of the classiest players in the world right now and Babar Azam named him as his favorite player to watch.


Abdullah Shafique, as we all know is the young and stylish batsman of the Pakistan team. He is the top-order batsman in every format of the game and is a permanent member of the TEST and ODI teams of Pakistan. Babar Azam generally names Abdullah Shafique a ‘’ TEXTBOOK PLAYER ‘’ because of his sound technique and impressive stroke-play, he was on the list of the captain Babar Azam as his favorite batter to watch on TV.


Joe Root is a member of the ‘’ FAB 4 ‘’, one of the best batsmen in the world right now. He plays for the England National Cricket team and was also their former TEST captain. Joe Root is another batsman named by Babar Azam as one of his favorites because he is a class apart from others and has scored more than 10,000 runs in TEST cricket for his team. Joe Root has a very huge fan base all around the world because of his stylish and compact batting skills.


Joss Buttler is another batsman of the England Cricket team, one of the best batsmen of the modern era. Joss Buttler is the most dangerous batsman in the world right now because if he gets going, he is a match-winner on his own. Babar Azam said that there is always excitement to watch Joss Buttler because the way he bats and puts the opposition under pressure is just incredible, Joss Buttler is also the captain of England’s White-Ball team and is also the 2022 World Cup winning captain.

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