world cup 2023
world cup 2023

How Can Pakistan Qualify For The Semi-Finals Of The World Cup 2023?

How Can Pakistan Qualify For The Semi-Finals Of The World Cup 2023?

After Pakistan’s back-to-back wins against Bangladesh and New Zealand, Pakistani fans can believe that they now have a very good chance to qualify for the semis of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

India, South Africa, and Australia have qualified for the SEMIS of the World Cup 2023 and the real fight for the last spot is between New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Here are the three best scenarios by which Pakistan can qualify for the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2023:


The most simple equation here is that Pakistan and New Zealand have just one match left in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

In the last group stage matches, Pakistan should win the last match against England and New Zealand should lose their game against Sri Lanka.

In this case, Pakistan will have 10 points and New Zealand will end up with 8 points on the ICC World Cup points table which means Pakistan will qualify for the semi-finals directly.


If Pakistan and New Zealand both win their last matches of the tournament against England and Sri Lanka respectively, the qualification will be decided on Net Run Rate.

After New Zealand’s win over Sri Lanka, Pakistan will have a clear picture of how much margin Pakistan has to win to get their NRR better than England.


As per the weather reports, there are also chances of rain in the match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, and if the match gets washed out due to rain, Pakistan will take that as well.

If this happens, New Zealand will end on 9 points and Pakistan will simply need to win their last match against England, and with 10 points, Pakistan can easily qualify for the semis finals of the World Cup 2023.


For Afghanistan to spoil the party of Pakistan, they will have to do something special in their two last matches which are against South Africa and Australia.

If Afghanistan wins both matches, they will qualify for the SEMIS easily with 12 points – if Afghanistan wins one out of last two, they will still be out of the semis because their NRR is below Pakistan and New Zealand.

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