ICC World Cup 2023 – Glenn McGrath Names His Semi-Finalists Of The 2023 World Cup

ICC World Cup 2023:

The legendary Australian pacer has named his top four teams for the semi-final spot in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Glen McGrath picked two Asian teams, Pakistan, and India as well as Australia and England as the top four in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023.

In his recent interview with THE TIMES OF INDIA, The former Australian cricketer also explained his four choices that why he thinks that these four teams will qualify for the second round of the tournament in the World Cup 2023.

The top four teams that are picked by the legendary Australian pacer, Glenn McGrath are Pakistan, India, England, and Australia. He thinks that these four teams will move into the knockout stages of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India.

Explaining the thought process behind these picks, McGrath explained that he thinks that India will be in the top four of the tournament because of the home conditions that will work in their favor and they will be a very strong team in the World Cup 2023, later this year in India.

The legendary pacer thinks that Australia is the certain one and no one will be surprised with this pick, the other two picks he made are England and Pakistan, which he thinks are playing great cricket at the moment and that’s why will be there in the top four teams of the World Cup 2023.

‘’ You wouldn’t be surprised that I am putting Australia in the top four teams. Obviously, India will be there as they are playing in their own conditions. England is playing great cricket and Pakistan is also playing fine. So, they are my best four teams ‘’, McGrath added.

Glenn McGrath believes that these will be the four best teams of the tournament and one team out of these will be the champion of the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup this year.


The best four teams in the previous World Cup were quite similar as well. Only New Zealand replaced Pakistan in the top four teams. The top four teams that played in the semi-finals of the previous ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 are as follows; Australia, India, New Zealand, and England.

Pakistan missed out on the semi-finals of the previous World Cup 2019, they finished on the fifth spot on the table because one of the game was washed out and Pakistan ended with similar points to New Zealand, but the run-rate was not good enough to take Pakistan to the fourth spot.

Pakistan failed to qualify because of the net run-rate and that’s why, New Zealand qualified for the semi-final of the World Cup. They also thrashed India in the semis and eventually played the final of the World Cup as well.

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