Muhammad Hafeez, also known as the ‘’ PROFESSOR ‘’ in his latest podcast expressed his views about many things that were going around during his international career, and reveals that the main reason for all this was that Pakistan is always way behind world cricket which costs us at the end.

Muhammad Hafeez in his latest interview expressed his views of Pakistan lagging behind in all fields with an example of modern cricket that is very highly rated these days, on which he said that Pakistan is still very late to evolve and play this modern brand of cricket as well.

 ‘’ Everyone is talking about modern cricket nowadays but the point is modern cricket, this brand of cricket was started playing in 2015 when McCullum started playing that attacking brand of cricket, he told everyone this is how to play but we didn’t implement that and we changed that progressive side into conservative side ‘’, Muhammad Hafeez on the approach of Pakistan team.

The former all-rounder criticized the approach of the Pakistan team and said that Pakistan needs to accept that they are way behind the international teams as there is a mindset to modern cricket and we are still far away from that as well.

‘’ We still don’t accept that Pakistan is still playing that old style of cricket and not any attacking or aggressive style of play, No one has ever imagined the way England played TEST cricket in Pakistan recently but they showed the world that this is how it is done ‘’, he added.

Muhammad Hafeez further praised the England team and said that the mantra of success for the English team during the TEST matches in Pakistan was, ‘’ If you are good enough, win it otherwise we will show you have it is done. We are not here to play boring cricket ‘’, as they produced results on those pitches I could’ve never imagined in my career.

The former Pakistani captain says, that the major reason that we are still far away from international cricket is that we don’t have a progressive mindset as we just expect results rather than believing in the process and this is what costs us to compete with the best around the world.

‘’ We are not doing the homework, we have to provide those ingredients to the players that are required for us to play cricket like the England team but we are not providing the players with that kind of confidence and freedom to express themselves. The point is that the modern style of cricket has already started in 2015 but we are already late ‘’, he concluded.

The former Pakistani cricketer also spoke about how the change in the bowling rules affected his international career as a bowler and it way it ruined the career of Saeed Ajmal, in all this the culprits were the top officials of the board who didn’t even convey these new rules to players so that we could adopt them.

‘’ I blame the administration because they didn’t inform us about any new change in the bowling, a very big name of Pakistan like Saeed Ajmal who went to bed as the #1 ranked bowler and the next day his career was over. This was because we understand things late as we are always behind the trends ‘’, Muhammad Hafeez on the new rules of bowling action.

‘’ The change in the bowling rules affected Pakistan’s spin bowling trio Afridi, Ajmal, and Hafeez and we don’t even know how to remodel our action as we didn’t have anyone to guide us or help us in remodeling our action. ‘’, he added.

Muhammad Hafeez also revealed the reason behind the end of career for Saeed Ajmal as an international bowler but he also feels that he was able to survive that period because of his batting abilities.

‘’ Saqlain Mushtaq was the one who helped us in that matter but the thing was we were late and weren’t able to understand and recover from the crackdown in 2014. Saeed Ajmal wasn’t able to recover from that because his career was based on his bowling but my career was based on my batting and I justified my place in the team, it was a very difficult time but I understood the rules and worked on it, further in my career ‘’, he further added.

‘’ I feel that uniformity was the issue in this case as well but only specific ones were targeted because if that rule should’ve applied to everyone then so many big names would have been banned, even though those players used to bowl with 35-40 degree but they were saved as this was an injustice to everyone ‘’, he concluded.

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