Pakistan T10 League Schedule & Matches

T10 League In Pakistan:

The shortest form of cricket that is being played nowadays is the T10 cricket as this format is getting popularity, more and more boards are looking forward to this league.

According to the latest media reports, Pakistan Cricket Board is also planning to join the list as the new management is willing to organize the T10 league in Pakistan, for the first time as this format is getting popularity all across the globe.

The T10 tournament is a format that consists of just 60 balls and is the shorted format to exist till now. This format of cricket was launched in 2017 by the UAE and after this format gained acceptance now the Zimbabwe Cricket Board has also organized the ZIM AFRO T10 LEAGUE as well and that’s why PCB also wants to take a step into this format.

The Pakistan Cricket Board, under the management of Zaka Ashraf, wants to move on with the world at the same pace which others are going, and for that, he has to do some future planning, that’s why PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf is keen to start at T10 League in Pakistan as well.

Even though T20 cricket is still one of the most popular formats in world cricket right now and there are various leagues of different countries taking place all across the world. But, in recent times T10 Cricket has also gained popularity and that’s why PCB might be looking towards the future.

The other details regarding the T10 League in Pakistan will be revealed later when things will be finalized by the Pakistan Cricket Board such as the franchises and the other logistics issues that are there to hold a league but as we know Pakistan Super League is already a brand in world cricket, so PCB will not find it difficult to organize another league.

This T10 League in Pakistan will also be a huge success because the cricket players of Pakistan, now have a huge fan following across the world and that’s why it will be a treat to watch those players playing this format, which can be the future of the game in upcoming years.

The only difficulty here will be to find the proper window in which this league can be played because of the packed schedule of the Pakistan team. But, if Pakistan Cricket Board can figure this out, this new format in Pakistan will be a treat to watch and enjoy for the fans.


As per the media reports, the popular channel, Express News has reported that the T10 League that Pakistan Cricket Board is planning to organize is in the final stages. Pakistan Cricket Board is hoping to launch this league in less than 12 months, if all things go as per the plan, we might see T10 League happening in Pakistan this year as well.

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