Pakistan’s former cricketer, Umer Gull has expressed his views about the former left-arm pacer Muhammad Amir, he thinks that even if Muhammad Amir takes his retirement Pakistan doesn’t need him in the team as there are many other bowlers already in line for the Pakistan team.

Umer Gull reveals that he thinks Muhammad Amir is a professional player, everyone goes through some rough times but he should’ve faced that time rather than the announcement of his retirement.

Pakistan’s left-arm pacer, Muhammad Amir has always been in media highlights because of his controversial opinions since his retirement from international cricket and he blamed the team management for everything that went wrong with him, including Misbah Ul Haq and Waqar Younis.

‘’ When Muhammad Amir took retirement from international cricket, I was shocked. There is nothing new to face challenges and problems in your professional career as a player when your performances aren’t that good. But it’s important to remember that that’s not good to name a specific coach or someone as a reason for your exclusion from the team. Instead, it’s better for you to hold yourself accountable and responsible ‘’, he added.

The former right-arm pacer further emphasized the importance of self-assessment and taking on challenges which eventually helps you to be a better performer when you have that fire in you to perform, it is necessary to meet the standards everyone is expecting from you.

‘’ When you place the blame on yourself, it gives to an opportunity for you to be better and you strive to improve more so that you can perform better, alongside coaches and teammates who are expecting more from you. To take these challenges is what enhances your performance ‘’, he further added.

Umar Gull also questioned the place of Muhammad Amir in the team, even when players like Hassan Ali and Muhammad Hasnain are out of the team and are still waiting for their turn again, he questioned everyone to name a player whom we will bench to fit Muhammad Amir back in the team.

‘’ Honestly, if you talk about Hassan Ali and Muhammad Hasnain, the reality then we know that Hassan Ali and Muhammad Hasnain weren’t able to secure their place in the team, so even if Muhammad Amir comes out of retirement: whom will you bench for him? ‘’, he questioned.

Umar Gull who has recently served as the coach of the Pakistan team in the recent series also praised the performances of the bowlers that are currently playing in the Pakistan team.

He believes that even though Pakistani is adopting the rotation policy for bowlers still some fast bowlers are yet to get a consistent opportunity, the former Pakistani cricketer reveals that Pakistan now has a number of options in pace bowling to choose from as there are many capable bowlers that we have seen in the Pakistan Super League as well.

‘’ You already have four to five regular fast bowlers playing in the Pakistan team regularly. If we adopt a rotation policy as we saw in recently concluded matches against New Zealand, where one bowler played three matches and the other played two matches, everyone bowled well and no one was performing poorly ‘’, he justified his question.

‘’ Ihsanullah suffered an elbow injury and that’s why he didn’t get a proper opportunity but still, if you look at his performances in the Pakistan Super League 2023, you cannot discard his skills. So, Pakistan has a lot of options in the pace department right now ‘’, he concluded.

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