Amir Sohail Believes That Everyone Went After Babar Because He Was Becoming Stronger As Captain

Amir Sohail Believes That Everyone Went After Babar Because He Was Becoming Stronger As Captain:

The former Pakistani cricketer, Amir Sohail speaks his heart out regarding the issues of Pakistan’s captaincy, which we had in the Pakistan team for a long time.

Amir Sohail believes that everyone knows it’s completely irrelevant to circulate things like replacing captains before any big tournaments but still, this thing happens in Pakistan.

‘’ Even though everyone knows you can’t replace the captain just before a big tournament. This has been a problem with Pakistan cricket for a long time, there is always talk about the change of captaincy before the World Cups ‘’, Amir Sohail speaks on captaincy issues in Pakistan.

On a local TV channel, Amir Sohail expressed his support for the Pakistani skipper as he believes that Babar led Pakistan to the semis and finals of the big tournaments.

He thinks that Babar Azam was getting stronger as captain and that’s why everyone went after him, unnecessary pressure was created on him which resulted in his bad batting and captaincy.

‘’ The problem was that Babar Azam was becoming stronger as captain as the team played the semi-final of the T20 World Cup, Final of the T20 World Cup, and Asia Cup ‘’, Amir Sohail further added.

‘’ He (Babar Azam) is your main player but just because he became stronger, everyone went after him and pressurized his batting as well as his captaincy. Show some sincerity to the country or I should say, to the country ‘’, he concluded.

The 57-year-old Pakistani cricketer also believes that there are certain agenda runners and lobbies in Pakistan. He requested them to stop those who are destroying Pakistan cricket for the sake of their own agendas.

‘’ Everyone is working on agendas. Everyone knows there are lobbies but I think they should stop now. What do they want more from this cricket? ‘’, Amir Sohail added.

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