MICKEY ARTHUR babar azam
MICKEY ARTHUR babar azam


Mickey Arthur returns as the DIRECTOR of the Pakistan cricket team once again, he has already worked with the Pakistan cricket team in the past and had a good record as the Head Coach of the Pakistan team.

Pakistan had a famous win in the Champions Trophy 2017 under Mickey Arthur and he was with the Pakistan team since the 2019 World Cup, after that management changed, and now he is back and everyone will be expecting some more great moments under Mickey Arthur and Babar Azam’s leadership.

The Director of the Pakistan team, Mickey Arthur announced that he was in touch with the Pakistani players even after he left the Pakistan team after the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

‘’ What I saw about babar azam and what impressed me was his hands, when you look at a young batsman, the speed of the hands is that gets you excited, I still remember Grant Flower said to me, come and have a look at this young player and I was amazed as I have not seen a talent like that before and my job was just to give him enough opportunities as I knew he will succeed ‘’, Pakistan Team’s Director, Mickey Arthur on Babar Azam.

‘’ I firmly believe that he is the #1 player and he is a wonderful talent, the exciting thing is that he still has room to improve and I will keep pushing him so that he can get better and better because he is gonna be a legend of the game ‘’, he further added.

Mickey Arthur revealed that he always backed the current Pakistani captain Babar Azam as he knew that he will be a crucial part of the Pakistan team and he always believed that Babar Azam will become the world’s best player.

‘’ 100%, I have been in contact with the players of the Pakistan team, Every Week I speak to the guys, and since 2019, I have always been a part of their lives ‘’, Mickey Arthur on as if he was still in contact with the Pakistani players.

Mickey Arthur held a press conference with the board officials on his tour to Pakistan and he announced that he is looking forward to coaching this Pakistan team again.

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