Mickey Arthur in his recent press conference with the chairman of the PCB’s management committee, Najam Sethi, and the chief selector Haroon Rasheed revealed that he will be back with the Pakistan team but this time with a new name as he is now named as the Director of the Pakistan Cricket Team.

In the press conference, Mickey Arthur was asked the question as if he is gonna be an online coach of the Pakistan team because as we all know he will be busy with the English county team, Derbyshire for the whole summer and will work with the Pakistan team on a laptop, what do you think is the basic demand of the coach?

‘’ First of all, there is no such thing as an online coach, you build a relationship with your players, you know what your players require, over the last 5 years I have watched every game Pakistan has played and I know what players are capable off and what are backwards of the players in the Pakistan team ‘’, Mickey Arthur replied to the question of being an online coach.

Mickey Arthur and PCB officials were criticized by the cricket fans that how can they choose Arthur as he is not available for the Pakistan team and will just work as an online coach for the Pakistan cricket team.

The newly appointed Director of the Pakistan team in the press conference claimed that under his guidance, the payers are gonna get the best possible coaching available.

‘’ I know exactly what they need and what they require to be successful, I also know what’s required to be successful in terms of leading the team and we have got an incredible support staff and they are all very trustworthy and honorable ‘’, he further added.

This team when I started was some young boys but they are all now married and have all grown up, but one thing is still there as they have an incredible talent, talent to win the World Cup as well as to be the #1 team in all formats, Mickey Arthur has some high hopes from this talented Pakistan team.

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