babar azam and virat kohli
babar azam and virat kohli

Babar Azam Reacts To Virat Kohli’s Praise Ahead Of The Pakistan Vs India Clash

Babar Azam Reacts To Virat Kohli’s Praise:

Almost a year later, Pakistani skipper Babar Azam has finally responded to Virat Kohli’s praise about him ahead of the Asia Cup 2023.

The captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam has expressed his gratitude towards India’s legend, Virat Kohli for his acknowledgement.


India’s former captain, Virat Kohli shared a story regarding his meeting with the Pakistani captain, Babar Azam during the 2019 World Cup.

‘’ The first interaction I had with him was during the 2019 World Cup after the game in Manchester. We sat down and spoke about the game. I saw a lot of respect from him from day one, and that hasn’t changed ‘’, Virat Kohli added.

The batting maestro of India also named Babar Azam probably the top batsman in the world across all formats which is such a huge compliment by Virat Kohli.

‘’ Regardless of the fact that he is probably the top batsman in the world across all formats. He has been consistent. I have enjoyed watching him play. I haven’t seen any change in his attitude towards me. ‘’, Virat Kohli concluded.


Now, Star Sports has uploaded a video in which Babar Azam has reacted to these comments from Virat Kohli.

‘’ Feels really good, when somebody passes comments like this. The way Virat Kohli has given comments, for me is a proud moment. I felt really good. When you get praise like this, you get confidence ‘’, Babar Azam added.

‘’ I went to him in the 2019 World Cup. He was at his peak, he is at his peak now as well. I spoke to him and learned a lot from him. He explained a lot of things and it helped me a lot ‘’, Babar Azam concluded.

Babar Azam is currently one of the top-ranked batsmen in all formats of the game. He is ranked #1 in ODI cricket since 2021, #3 in T20I cricket, and #4 in Test cricket as well.

He is the only batsman in the world, who is ranked in the top five across all formats of the game, which speaks of his performances in international cricket.

Pakistan and India are set to face each other in the group stage of the Asia Cup 2023, the match is scheduled to be played on 2 SEPTEMBER, 2023 in Sri Lanka.

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