World Cup 2023: PCB Building Pressure On Players, Wants To Throw All Blame On Babar Azam

PCB Building Pressure On Players, Wants To Throw All Blame On Babar Azam:

The latest press release by the Pakistan Cricket Board, in which they asked the fans to support the Pakistan team but this has increased pressure on the Pakistani players.

The main point in that Press Release is that PCB has announced that the team was selected by Captain and Chief Selector and they will hold Babar Azam and Inzamam accountable for their performances in the World Cup 2023.

According to reports from Cricket Pakistan, many senior players in the Pakistan team have complained that PCB isn’t ready to support the Pakistan team and they are throwing the players under the bus.

In recent times, the Pakistan team has been under immense pressure because they have lost three consecutive matches, followed by rift rumors in the Pakistan team that have increased the tension in the Pakistan camp.

It is very obvious that PCB wants to put all the blame on Babar Azam for the World Cup campaign but the reality is that the problem is not just the captain. All the stakeholders including the coaches and team management should also be held accountable for these performances.

Furthermore, PCB has recalled the media manager, Ahsan Iftikhar back to Pakistan immediately and there are also reports in the Pakistan media that it’s been around five months and PCB is yet to pay salaries to the Pakistani players.

The only complain in these hard times is that PCB should have looked to support Pakistani team rather than taking these steps and releasing these statements which are unnecessary in the middle of the World Cup.

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