Rashid Latif on his YouTube channel, shared his views regarding the announcement of Asia Cup 2023 and the acceptance of the Hybrid Model for the Asia Cup 2023.

Asian Cricket Council and BCCI have accepted the Hybrid Model which was proposed by PCB and Sethi even thanked Jay Shah – the president of the Asian Cricket Council for the acceptance of this model which will lead to four matches of the Asia Cup 2023 being played in Pakistan but Rashid Latif isn’t much convinced with the developments related to Asia Cup 2023.

  • The upcoming edition of the Asia Cup 2023 is scheduled to be played in SEPTEMBER and the exact dates that are announced for this tournament are 31ST AUGUST, 2023 to 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2023, and will be hosted by two countries, Pakistan and Srilanka.

The former Pakistani captain, Rashid Latif said that BCCI and Jay Shah have accepted the Hybrid Model proposed by the Pakistan Cricket Board for the sake of recognition, Jay Shah, who is the President of the Asian Cricket Council just wanted to gain recognition for his efforts in organizing the Asia Cup 2023 even after so many speculations all around the cricket fraternity.

The former Pakistani wicket-keeper batsman also took a dig at the Pakistan Cricket Board’s stance as he revealed that the Pakistani Cricket Board just needed some face-saving because of all the other challenges and after the approval of four matches in Asia Cup 2023, Latif thinks PCB has got what they wanted from this Asia Cup.

‘’ The scenario is that Jay Shah wanted to win, he needed recognition for his work, somewhere he wanted a medal for his work to organize the Asia Cup 2023 because he is the President of the Asian Cricket Council. Pakistan Cricket Board couldn’t do much in this case as well because they were also in a very tough spot and they needed a face save to get out of this problem ‘’, he added.

The former Pakistani cricketer also feels that even though the Hybrid Model of the Asia Cup 2023 is accepted and the stance of both sides [PCB and BCCI] was accepted but still Rashid Latif thinks that the one who got a major benefit from all this is Srilanka because as per the model, the majority of the matches that will be played in the Asia Cup 2023 will be played in Srilanka and this will help them to gain exposure, and will benefit them in many other ways like revenue, etc.

‘’ Both India and Pakistan have been successful in this and the third beneficiary in this is Srilanka, which will host the majority part of the tournament with nine matches. Other countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal will receive their Asia Cup 2023 participation fees, so overall it is a very good event for everyone ‘’, he further added.

‘’ Pakistan is happy, India is happy, and the rest of the teams like Bangladesh, and Srilanka are also happy with the progress in this tournament ‘’, he concluded.

Najam Sethi has thanked the Asian Cricket Council and the President of the Asian Cricket Council, Jay Shah for their support to Pakistan on the acceptance of this model for the Asia Cup 2023, the PCB chairman also said that Pakistan Board understands the stance of the Indian Cricket Board as they couldn’t travel to Pakistan because of the government restriction, but he is happy that Pakistan will host the four matches in the Asia Cup 2023 season, those four matches are expected to be as follows;


Even though Pakistan Cricket Board is happy with what they got from the Asian Cricket Council and Indian Cricket Board but the wave on the internet is not the same as the Pakistan Cricket Fans aren’t happy to just see one match of their team that too against Nepal after all these efforts, but in the end, we can say that something is better than nothing.

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