Pakistan Cricket Team is scheduled to visit India for the 2023 Cricket World Cup and there are reports that Pakistan doesn’t want their matches to be scheduled in Ahmedabad Stadium.

According to the media reports, BCCI has prepared the schedule for the 2023 Cricket World Cup in which they wanted some matches of Pakistan to be held in Ahmedabad Stadium, along with the match of India vs Pakistan at the same venue because we all know it is the world’s biggest stadium and BCCI wants huge revenue from the matches of Pakistan team.

Even though there were reservations that Pakistan will not even tour India for the 2023 Cricket World Cup but now after Indian Board and Asian Cricket Council have accepted the Hybrid Model of Pakistan Cricket Board, we might see things moving in the right direction and it is expected that Pakistan Cricket Team will not tour to India for the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup 2023 later this year in India.

But as reported by the media, PCB is not happy with this decision and they have also conveyed their stance to the top ICC officials as well when they visited Pakistan earlier this month. PCB didn’t want the matches of Pakistan to be held in Ahmedabad Stadium unless it is a knockout match and the former captain of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi used some harsh words against this policy of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Shahid Afridi, the former captain of the Pakistan team shared his views on this matter and stated that Ahmedabad Stadium is not controlled by any kind of magical creatures or something like that which will curse Pakistani players. He questioned PCB’s policy in a very sarcastic way as he wants the Pakistan team to visit India, and play at the Ahmedabad Stadium so that Pakistan can win the match there, he wants Pakistan to create history.

‘’ Why are we declining to play on Ahmedabad pitches? Does it hurl fire or is it haunted? ‘’, Afridi questioned PCB.

‘’ Go and play, Go, play, and win – if you think this is a challenge, then the only way to overcome the challenge is a comprehensive victory because what matters at the end is the victory of the Pakistan team. Take this challenge positively. If India thinks they are comfortable there [AHMEDABAD STADIUM], you should go an pull a victory in front of a jam-packed Indian crowd and show then what you got ‘’, he further added.

As per the latest media reports, Indian Cricket Board have sent the proposed schedule to the International Cricket Council and they have proposed the match between India and Pakistan at the Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium. The match between India and Pakistan is expected to be played on 15TH OCTOBER, 2023, and will be played at the world’s biggest stadium.

Pakistan Cricket Board has given its verdict on this matter during the recent visit of the top ICC officials as per the reports, Pakistan Cricket Board has requested ICC officials to schedule their matches at CHENNAI, KOLKATA, and BENGALURU with subject to the clearance of the Pakistan team from the Pakistani government to tour India for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Now, after all these negotiations and statements, it is expected that the matches of Pakistan will be scheduled to the venues, Pakistan Cricket Board has demanded but the match of India vs Pakistan, which is the biggest clash in any ICC tournament will be played at the Ahmedabad Stadium because no one from BCCI and International Cricket Council is ready to change this as they can get huge profits from this game.

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