Babar Azam’s WhatsApp Chat Leaked: PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf Gives Permission

Babar Azam’s WhatsApp Chat Leaked, PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf Gives Permission:

The Former Pakistani captain, Rashid Latif claimed that the PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf isn’t answering the call of Babar Azam. He also claimed that Babar Azam has also tried to contact other higher officials of the PCB but they are not replying him.

In an interview, Zaka Ashraf denied this news on a TV channel and said that Pakistani skipper, Babar Azam had never called me and In order to deny the news of the former captain, the WhatsApp chats of Babar Azam were leaked by the PCB Chairman.

‘’ He says that I don’t pick up his call. He (Babar) has never called me. The team’s captain is supposed to talk with the Director of International Cricket or Chief Operating Officer ‘’, Zaka Ashraf said on a local TV channel.

On Waseem Badami’s show, a screenshot of Babar Azam’s personal message was aired on the TV channel in which it is claimed that Babar Azam has denied this news and he accepts that he has not made any call to Zaka Ashraf.

FIRST MESSAGE, ‘’ Babar, there’s also been news circulating on TV and social media that you have been calling Chairman and he is not answering. Have you called him recently? ‘’.

BABAR AZAM REPLIED, ‘’ Salam Salman Bhai, Ma ny to sir ko koi call ni ke ‘’.


Furthermore, the host of the TV show, Waseem Badami posted a video on Twitter/X in which he accepts his mistake of airing those chats of the Pakistani skipper, Babar Azam.

Waseem Badami claims that there was hesitation in showing these chats on TV screens but he got permission from the PCB chairman, Zaka Ashraf and that’s why he decided to show those chats on his program.

We got a clip in which Zaka Ashraf gave the permission of showing this chat on TV. We took this decision to air those chats 3-4 minutes before the show, but I think this was not a good decision. I am saying this on behalf of me, my team, and the management of ARY news. We believe that someone’s private talks should not be aired like this ”, Badami added.

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