pak vs afg world cup 2023
pak vs afg world cup 2023

‘’ They Learned Cricket From Us And Defeated Us ‘’, Kamran Akmal On Pakistan’s Defeat Vs Afghanistan

Kamran Akmal On Pakistan’s Defeat Vs Afghanistan:

Pakistan lost the third consecutive match of the World Cup 2023 and this time against a lower-ranked ODI team, Afghanistan.

The former Pakistani player, Kamran Akmal congratulated Afghanistan but also highlighted that this is the downfall of Pakistan cricket as we were better than this performance.

‘’ They learned cricket from us and defeated us. It’s a big victory for them as they have played better cricket than Pakistan but this is not our standard ‘’, Kamran Akmal on the loss against Afghanistan.

Kamran Akmal also criticized the Pakistan team that the players were not prepared for the World Cup journey which resulted in these bad performances and defeats.

‘’ We have lost matches in bilateral series against Zimbabwe or Ireland but we are always prepared to take the challenge of the World Cup, unfortunately, the Pakistan team was not well prepared for the World Cup ‘’, Kamran added.

The former cricketer also questioned the role of Pakistan’s management as he believes that the batters didn’t read the pitch but it has also raised questions on the performance of the management.

‘’ I don’t know I am in Pakistan but the way batters batted on this wicket, where was the management? I didn’t see any turn on the wicket but we batted with a very timid approach ‘’, Kamran Akmal further added.

On a local TV channel, Akmal criticized the team management as well as the captain, Babar Azam because he believes that with this performance, Pakistan won’t be able to win any match in the World Cup 2023.

‘’ With this mentality, you won’t be able to win against any team. I once said that there will be a day when small teams will also beat us and today is the day. All because of the mistakes from the team, management, and the captain ‘’, he concluded.

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