razzaq on babar azam
razzaq on babar azam

World Cup 2023: Abdul Razzaq Blames Babar Azam’s Slow Innings For Defeat Against Afghanistan

Abdul Razzaq Blames Babar Azam’s Slow Innings For Defeat Against Afghanistan:

The former Pakistani all-rounder, Abdul Razzaq questions the pace of Babar Azam’s innings in the first innings as he believes that the SR of Babar Azam cost Pakistan.

Babar Azam scored 74 runs on 92 deliveries against the likes of Rashid Khan, Muhammad Nabi, Mujeeb Ur Rehman, and Noor Ahmed but Abdul Razzaq wasn’t impressed with his strike rate.

Razzaq also criticized Babar Azam’s shot selection and his technique to play the ball when he got out against Noor Ahmed on 74 runs.

‘’ Everyone calls him No.1 but I have said this previously as well, How are you No.1 when you can’t hit a straight six? ‘’, Abdul Razzaq added.

‘’ You analyze the dismissal of Babar Azam, the balance of his body and his shot selection was questionable, that too against Noor Ahmed who was making his debut in the match ‘’, Abdul Razzaq further added.

After Babar Azam’s dismissal, Shadab Khan scored 40 runs on 38 deliveries and Iftikhar Ahmed scored 40 runs on 27 deliveries in the death overs to post a total of 282 runs.

The former Pakistani cricketer believes that if the lower-order batters of Pakistan had more balls to work with, they would have scored more runs than Babar Azam.

‘’ Every ball matters a lot in the game and Babar scored 74 runs on 92 balls but this made the difference. If Iftikhar and Shadab had more overs in the end, they would have scored more runs for Pakistan ‘’, he concluded.

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