Abdul Razzaq in his latest interview on a local TV channel clearly said that he thinks that PCB should end this debate of removing Babar Azam from captaincy and he was totally against this decision as he thinks this will not help the Pakistan team.

‘’ When you think that you have to try new things, you are thinking this for the improvement of Pakistan cricket, but if you are just conspiring to remove Babar Azam from captaincy and bring in a new captain, how will this help with regards to any improvement in Pakistan cricket? ‘’, Abdul Razzaq slams PCB on Babar Azam’s captaincy rumors.

In his latest interview, the former all-rounder spoke in favor of the National captain Babar Azam and showed him his full support that he is totally against the removal of Babar Azam as captain and also advised PCB to end this controversy as that there is no need to do such things in Pakistan team.

‘’ You should give him (Babar Azam) a free hand, this tag should end and the controversy regarding the removal of Babar Azam as the captain of the National Team should end from PCB for the betterment of the cricket team‘’, he further added on Babar Azam’s captaincy.

‘’ Babar Azam is and will remain the captain of the Pakistan team ‘’, he concluded his point.

He further said that the team is also performing well and if the team becomes #1 or if Pakistan wins World Cup, I think this debate should end completely and there is no need to think of removing Babar Azam from captaincy.

The former legendary all-rounder, Abdul Razzaq also gives his viewpoint on the inclusion of the Data Analyst in Pakistan’s selection committee, this is because the new selection committee strongly believes that they have to judge players and make relevant strategies for the future on the basis of their stats and performances.

‘’ Data is definitely helpful but in cricket players can change with respect to their potential, but because other countries use the same thing to select players for their team on the basis of their performances and I think that’s a positive step for the improvement of Pakistan cricket ‘’, Abdul Razzaq on the inclusion of Data Analyst in the selection committee.

The former all-rounder spoke in support of a Data Analyst in the Pakistan team as the world is moving in this direction, he thinks this can benefit the Pakistan team as well but he also believes that Data is not everything as in the past many players have made this team proud even though they were picked just because someone identified them as a talent and supported them to do well for the country.

‘’ Even though this is a good thing to have in the team but all those players who had already made Pakistan proud were on the basis of potential and talent ‘’, he further added.

Abdul Razzaq was also included in the PCB’s interim selection committee last year, the former captain of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi was the chairman of that committee which endorsed PCB chairman, Najam Sethi that Babar Azam should remain the captain of the Pakistan team as there is no need to change anything in the team.

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