The left-hander West Indies opener, Chris Gayle believes that players from Pakistan and India should demand more money for their World Cup match of India vs Pakistan.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Cricket World Cup in India, and West Indies legendary opener, Chris Gayle also shares his views regarding the Indo-Pak clash as we all know that the clash between India and Pakistan is the highly anticipated match of the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup and Chris Gayle thinks that this one match can change the fortunes of any ICC event.

Chris Gayle emphasizes the importance of financial structure when India and Pakistan play games in World Cup and he gives a suggestion to the players of both sides as well. He also gave his opinion regarding his top four teams in the tournament.

The legendary opener, Chris Gayle believes that whenever Pakistan and Indian teams play, the popularity of these two teams is sky-high, and the revenue that is generated when these two teams play is huge. He believes that one game between India and Pakistan is enough to revive any event of the International Cricket Council.

The match between Pakistan and India is scheduled to be played on OCTOBER 15, 2023, at the Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium – the stadium which is decided to host the blockbuster clash between India and Pakistan is the world’s biggest stadium with a seating capacity of more than 130,000. Now, just imagine the revenue that will be generated by this fully packed-up stadium in the World Cup clash of Pakistan vs India.

‘’ Whenever those teams play, especially in the World Cup, the revenue they generate is humongous. One game can take care of the entire ICC event. Pakistan and India players should demand a lot of money for those games because those games are high-paid games TV-wise ‘’, Chris Gayle added.

The left-hander sarcastically said that if he was in any authority within the cricket boards or the ICC, he would definitely raise his voice for higher payment to players that are participating in these blockbuster clashes.

‘’ I don’t control the board or ICC but if I was in their position, I would want a lot more ‘’, he further added.

India media has already reported that the prices of hotel rooms in Ahmedabad are even charging INR 100,000 per day. Especially, those hotels that are near Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium are already sold out. The prices of these hotel rooms were usually between INR 8000 – 10,000 in normal circumstances but as soon as the schedule of the ICC Cricket World Cup is announced, the rates went up like rocket.


The 43-year-old also predicted the top four teams that will qualify for the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup. He voted in favor of England, Pakistan, New Zealand, and India to be the teams that will move to the next round of the Cricket World Cup 2023 in India.

In the last Cricket World Cup 2019, the top four teams that qualified for the Semi-finals of the tournament were England, India, Australia, and New Zealand – Pakistan narrowly missed out from the top four due to less run-rate than New Zealand but Chris Gayle believes that the Pakistan Cricket Team will definitely be a part of the top four teams in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

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