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Will Amir Play Ipl 2024:

The former pacer of the Pakistan team, Muhammad Amir retired from international cricket in 2020, he says that he will be ready to play in the Indian Premier League under a British passport if any opportunity comes his way.

Muhammad Amir who took retirement from International Cricket has negated his rumors about playing cricket in England and has said that he will not play international cricket for England Cricket Team in the future.

The former Pakistani pacer is married to a British Citizen and Lawyer, Narjis Khan. He is expected to get his British Passport very soon because he has applied for British Nationality and after his early retirement from international cricket, he is enjoying his life in England.

As per the media reports, Muhammad Amir is settled in England since his retirement and is also eligible for British Citizenship, and as soon as he gets that, he will also be ready to play for the England team if he wants to think that way, but this British Citizenship will open the gates for him of playing in the Indian Premier League as well.

In his latest interview, speaking on a local media channel, Muhammad Amir clarified his stance on playing international cricket again for any other team and also addressed the possibility of featuring in the Indian Premier League after he will be a British Citizen in the near future.

While replying to a question about playing for the England team, Amir was quick enough to negate any such idea and believes that he has played international cricket for Pakistan. So that’s enough, and he also clarified his stance on playing in the Indian Premier League as well.

‘’ First of all, I will not play for England. I have played cricket for Pakistan. If we talk about IPL (Indian Premier League), there is still one more year to go. What will be the scenario at that time? So, that’s why I always think step by step. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow and I start thinking about playing in the IPL 2024 ‘’, Muhammad Amir added.

The left-arm Pakistani pacer feels that it’s too early to think about playing in the Indian Premier League but he hasn’t ruled out this option and he will decide on this, once the opportunity will be there for the taking.

‘’ I don’t know where I will be a year later. No one knows about the future. When I get my passport, whatever the best opportunity will come my way, I will avail it ‘’, he concluded.


As we all know, Indian Cricket Board doesn’t allow Pakistani players to feature in the Indian Premier League and if Muhammad Amir has to play in the Indian Premier League, it can only be possible once Muhammad Amir will get the British Passport which he will be getting in around a year.

  • Azhar Mahmood was the last Pakistani who played in the Indian Premier League, he registered himself and was picked in the 2013 season, and he played for Kolkata Knight Riders under his British passport.

Now, if Muhammad Amir gets a British passport and registers himself for the IPL auction, we all know he has a huge fan base in India because of his excellent performances in international cricket and that’s why he will be one of the few cricketers to be picked by any IPL franchise and will play in the Indian Premier League.



Muhammad Amir can only play in the Indian Premier League if he gets a British passport and registers himself for the auction of the Indian Premier League, then he will be in for a huge contract in the Indian Premier League.


Muhammad Amir will be picked in the IPL if he registers himself as a British-Pakistani because bowlers are like gold dust in Indian Premier League and a bowler with such a reputation will definitely get bids from the teams.

  • KKR will be expected to go after Muhammad Amir because many Pakistani cricketers have previously played for this franchise, Azhar Mahmood who played as a British-Pakistani in IPL 2013 was also picked by Kolkata Riders. Some other teams like Punjab Kings, etc. will also be interested in this pick.

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