babar azam vs pcb
babar azam vs pcb

PCB Vs Babar Azam: Rashid Latif Gives Shocking Statements On PCB And Babar Azam

Rashid Latif Gives Shocking Statements On PCB And Babar Azam:

The former captain of the Pakistan team, Rashid Latif has revealed some shocking news regarding the Pakistani captain and PCB Chairman.

Rashid Latif has said that Babar Azam has contacted PCB and various PCB officials but the PCB Chairman is not replying to the captain, Babar Azam.

‘’ Babar Azam is messaging to Chairman PCB, but he is not answering his calls. Babar Azam has also messaged Usman Wahla and Salman Naseer ‘’, Rashid Latif’s shocking statement.

On the National TV channel, Rashid Latif also criticized the PCB Chairman and others for releasing Press Release in support of Pakistani players rather than focusing on the main issues.

‘’ What’s the reason the Chairman is not replying to our captain? Rather than replying to him, PCB is releasing a press release on the Pakistan team ‘’, Rashid Latif further added.

Rashid Latif has also confirmed the news that the Pakistan Cricket Board has not paid salaries to the Pakistani players for the past five months and they are also pressurizing players for signing new central contracts 2023-24.

‘’ The board has asked players that they will review the signed Central Contracts again and these contracts will not be accepted. It’s been five months since Pakistani players have got their salaries, so how will players play? ‘’, he concluded.

Pakistan Cricket Team is performing poorly in the World Cup 2023 as they have lost three consecutive matches so far against IND, AUS, and AFG, after the first two wins.

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