babar azam interview
babar azam interview

Babar Azam Opens Up On Pakistan’s Squad For The World Cup 2023

Babar Azam Opens Up On Pakistan’s Squad For The World Cup 2023:

Pakistan is about to announce its World Cup 2023 squad and Babar Azam gives his verdict on the selection of the World Cup squad of Pakistan.

The question was asked to Babar Azam that all the big teams have announced their World Cup squads apart from Pakistan. So, what is the thought process behind this delay?

The Pakistani skipper confirms that they have almost decided on the World Cup 2023 squad but they are just trying some different combinations.

Babar Azam believes that this Asia Cup 2023 will give them a better picture which will help them to pick the best possible options for Pakistan’s squad in the World Cup 2023 in India.

‘’ We are just looking at what can be better for Pakistan. We are trying different combinations but almost we have decided on our 15 or 18 players for the World Cup ‘’, Babar Azam said.

‘’ It is not about breaking hearts, it is an opportunity and we will see in whose favor this goes. It’s not my decision, such things come from the above [Allah Almighty] who will play. We just pick the best suitable options for the team ‘’, Babar Azam added.

The captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam believes that in the Pakistan team, every player knows his importance and no one thinks about himself, it’s all about what is the best we can do for the team.

‘’ Every player knows who will be picked or who will be dropped. In this team, it’s not about breaking hearts. The main thing is that what’s best for the team ‘’, Babar Azam concluded.

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played from 5 OCTOBER to 19 NOVEMBER, at the end of this year. The tournament is all set to be played in India as they are the hosts of the World Cup 2023.

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