ICC World Cup 2023 – Changes Expected In Schedule Of Cricket World Cup 2023

ICC World Cup 2023:

BCCI Secretary confirms that two or three members of the World Cup 2023 have requested ICC for the change in some schedule of their matches but there is no change expected in venues regarding any game.

The BCCI Secretary has hinted that even though there might be no change in venues but as per the request of some full member nations, they are thinking of some amendments as some teams have less gap in their matches which will make it difficult for them to play in the World Cup and that’s why they will make sure that teams will have adequate time in which they can travel rest and play again in the World Cup 2023.

There were reports that there is the possibility that there might be some changes in the schedule of the Pakistan vs India match or the venue might be changed because of some security concerns but Jay Shah feels that there are no concerns about the security in the INDO-PAK game and no change is venue is expected for the match between Pakistan and India.

The match between Pakistan and India in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played on 15 OCTOBER, 2023, and the match will be played at the World’s biggest stadium, Ahmedabad Stadium.

There are reports that the date of the India-Pakistan match, 15 OCTOBER will clash with the first day of one of the most celebrated festivals in India, NAVRATRI and that’s why the change in schedule for this high-voltage match is expected.

The Secretary of BCCI, Jay Shah has confirmed that it’s not all about the match of Pakistan and India as other two or three member nations have requested to see if there could be some changes done in the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule.

‘’ Two or three members have requested for the change in their schedule and it’s their right. We are working on it with International Cricket Council. The venues will not change as this will cause disturbance in the logistical department ‘’, he added.

BCCI Secretary, Jay Shah feels that there is no chance of change in the venues regarding the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 because it will cause many other challenges but if we talk about the rest days, we can definitely think about those changes as this will give every team a fair chance to compete in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023.

‘’ We are looking to reduce the days as if a team has six days between matches, we can cut it down to five and if a team has two days of rest between games, we can make it three so that the teams can have adequate time to travel, rest and be ready for the next match in the World Cup ‘’, he further added.

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