Muhammad Hafeez, as we all know was not in favor of the comeback of Muhammad Amir to international cricket after serving his ban in the spot-fixing scandal.

The former Pakistani captain and all-rounder in his latest podcast accepted that he was not ready to accept the inclusion of a proven fixer in the team but it was not about any individual, this was my general stance on this matter and I did what I felt was the right thing to do at that time.

‘’ The biggest stance in my career I took was at the end of 2015 when they wanted to bring back those players who were involved in that unfortunate incident, I wasn’t against any individual at that time but I had my stance, that if someone defames Pakistan or damages the pride of Pakistan, he shouldn’t be allowed to get that opportunity to represent Pakistan again ‘’, Muhammad Hafeez quoted.

‘’ What kind of punishment is that that a fixer can return to play for the country again after 2 or 3 years, how can you think of a person who has defamed Pakistan’s name? Hurt the sentiments of those fans who are praying for us all the time and then think that I have served my punishment and now I am ready to be back in Pakistan team ‘’, he added.

Muhammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali both opposed the inclusion of Muhammad Amir back into the Pakistan team and both were clear that any person who has defamed the name of Pakistan cricket doesn’t deserve to play with that pride again for the country, but eventually in 2016 the differences were resolved and everyone agreed to play together.

‘’ When this thing happened I strongly resisted on this matter to include those players again in the team. I believed that it was my responsibility to stand up against this and Azhar Ali was the one who was also with me on this stance. We both thought that no such person should be allowed to return to the team ‘’, he added to his stance.

The 42-year-old further said that he recorded his protest to the top officials but the reply he got was very hard for him to swallow as he was given an option of whether he wants to play or not, Muhammad Amir will surely return to the team.

‘’ I took that stance and I was given an option by the PCB chairman that it’s your choice whether you want to play or not but he will surely play. In my career, there are no negativity or discipline issues with me in my career and just tried to perform for Pakistan but they told me that I can leave if I want to but he will surely play again ‘’, the right-hander on what response he got from the top officials.

The former captain of the Pakistan team says that he was very hurt at the time and wanted to leave playing for the Pakistan team as he always represented Pakistan with pride and dignity, but he was told to leave rather than someone who damaged the name of Pakistan and this still hurts him badly.

‘’ I was broken at that time and I was feeling that I should just leave this stage because I wasn’t able to absorb that statement. I returned but my close ones suggested that I should not stop giving up my positive energy to the Pakistan team, and they told me that you have recorded your protest and that’s enough because you are not a decision-maker ‘’, he added to his story.

Muhamad Hafeez, the former Pakistani captain wants someone to step in and make a law for the pride and dignity of the country as he still stands firm on his stance that no fixer should allow to represent his country again.

‘’ The most important thing here for me is that someone should come and just stop this legally. You can bring the Central Contract of the Pakistan team and read it someday, there are thousands of clauses in it, but my question is who is stopping you from adding a clause that will not allow anyone to represent Pakistan again who will be proven guilty ‘’, he gave his viewpoint of punishment for fixers.

‘’ I am still very surprised that even today no proper law work has been done on this matter, my point is that when there are equal opportunities for everyone to represent Pakistan, and if someone damages the pride or name of Pakistan and is a proven fixer, how can he play again for Pakistan? ‘’, he concluded.

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