The government of Pakistan has finally approved the traveling of Pakistan to India for the World Cup 2023, and the participation of Pakistan in the mega tournament is now officially confirmed.

The Pakistan Cricket Team was unsure whether they will travel to India for the World Cup 2023 because of the political tensions between both countries but Pakistan has taken a good step as they have given the green signal to the Pakistan team related to their travel to India.

Pakistan cricket team toured India for the participation in the 2016 ICC T20 World Cup and now again Pakistan will send their team to India for the ICC 2023 Cricket World Cup in India, and this is a good decision for cricket fans of both sides.

This official confirmation is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has issued a press release in which they have confirmed that the government of Pakistan has allowed Pakistan to travel to India despite political tensions.

‘’ Pakistan has constantly maintained that sports should not be mixed with politics. It has, therefore decided to send the Cricket Team to participate in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 ‘’, the Foreign Ministry has issued a Press Release regarding the approval of Pakistan’s travel to India for the World Cup.

Pakistan believes that are allowing their team to travel to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 because they think that the political tensions between both countries shouldn’t affect the sports, and that’s why they have played their responsibility, even though India did the opposite in the case of the Asia Cup 2023.

‘’ Pakistan believes that the state of bilateral relations with India should not stand in the way of fulfilling its international sports-related obligations ‘’, Press Release added.

‘’ Pakistan’s decision shows its constructive and responsible approach vis-à-vis India’s intransigent attitude, as the latter had refused to send its cricket team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup ‘’, Press Release from Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

Even though, Pakistan has allowed the Cricket Team to travel to India but still they have expressed deep concerns about the security of the Pakistan team in India during their stay in India for the World Cup 2023.

‘’ Pakistan, however has deep concerns about the security of its cricket team. We are conveying these concerns to the international Cricket Council and the Indian authorities. We expect that full safety and security of the Pakistan team will be ensured during their visit to India ‘’, the Press Conference concluded.

Politics aside, this decision from the Pakistani government is good for the cricket fans across the globe as it will be a huge moment for cricket fans to see Pakistan Cricket team in action that too in India after a long time.

Pakistan cricket team will play a total of nine group stage matches in the tournament, that are scheduled to play from 6 OCTOBER, 2023 – 12 NOVEMBER, 2023 in India. The knockout matches will be based on Pakistan’s qualification in the tournament as the top four teams will move to the second round of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

The final of the ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be played at the Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium, the match will be played on 19 NOVEMBER, 2023.

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