Imam Ul Haq Reveals His Favorite Shot Of Babar Azam

Imam Ul Haq Reveals His Favorite Shot Of Babar Azam:

The left-handed opening batsman, Imam Ul Haq talks about his inspiration for cricket and names two of the world’s greats as his inspiration for cricket.

In his recent interview, a question was asked Imam Ul Haq about his favorite batters who were his inspiration to play cricket, and along with that he also talks about his favorite shot of Babar Azam.

On being asked about this favorite batter or inspiration for cricket, Imam Ul Haq replied:

‘’ I never really like left-handed batters. I just remember two names, Brian Lara and Kumar Sangakkara are the batters whom I really love ‘’, Imam Ul Haq added.

The top-order batsman of the Pakistan team, Imam Ul Haq reveals his favorite shot from Babar Azam’s bat. He also explains the reason as he doesn’t pick cover-drive as his favorite shot that Babar Azam plays.

‘’ Even though people love Babar Azam’s cover drive, I have batted with Babar Azam since the start of his career. The on-drive of Babar Azam I feel is the most difficult shot. The shot that Babar plays between the umpire and the med-on fielder and this is the most difficult shot in cricket. He plays that shot very well ‘’, he further added.

‘’ When you talk about drives, I love the way Sangakkara plays a drive. I have never watched Brian Lara much but I love the balance and the flow of Sangakkara while playing the drives ‘’, he further added

Imam Ul Haq further said that he never really copied any batsman other than AB de Villiers because of his unique style and that shuffle on the crease because that was followed by everyone in his playing days but other than that, I have never followed anyone as a batter.

‘’ I never follow any batsman, like I have never copied anyone. In my early days, the only player I tried to copy is AB de Villiers because of his style and shuffle and everyone did that ‘’, he concluded.

The left-hander of Pakistan, Imam Ul Haq picked only Kumar Sangakkara as his favorite batter. Sangakkara played for the Srilankan team and scored tons of runs for his country in all formats of the game, Sangakkara has scored more than 12,000 runs in both TESTS and ODIs for Srilanka along with his exceptional wicket-keeping skills.

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