babar azam wife
babar azam wife

Is Babar Azam Getting Married After World Cup 2023 – Babar Azam Himself Clarifies

Babar Azam:

There were rumors circulating on social media that the captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam is planning to get married after the Cricket World Cup 2023.

There was news all over the internet that all-format captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam is planning to tie the knot with his cousin after the ICC World Cup 2023, and the marriage is expected to be in November.

Based on some rumors, many credible media sources confirmed this news, GEO NEWS also confirmed that Babar Azam is getting married in NOVEMBER, after the World Cup but these were just rumors.

This news was circulated from some fan page accounts and this news spread like fire in the jungle even though there was no credible source but still media hyped this story so much that even Babar Azam had to give an official statement to clarify the news regarding his marriage.

According to sources, Babar Azam was planning to start his married life last year after the World Cup 2022 but couldn’t do so, and now he is planning the same after the World Cup 2023 in India.


Cricket Pakistan has confirmed this news from the father of the Pakistani captain, Babar Azam and they have confirmed that this news is totally fake and the sole focus of the Pakistani skipper is to take Pakistan to new heights and to lead Pakistan in World Cup 2023 in India.


The captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam has also officially negated these rumors as he has retweeted a tweet from SAYA CORPS, about the fake news circulating in the media about his marriage. He has also requested everyone to avoid sharing such fake and unverified news.

‘’ The earth-shattering news of Kaptaan Babar Azam’s wedding in November is completely fake. In fact, this is a ‘’ news ‘’ for even him and his family. Kindly avoid sharing such unverified news. Thank You ‘’, SAYA CORPS tweeted and BABAR AZAM has retweeted this text on Twitter.

The tweet is reposted by Babar Azam which means he has clarified the news regarding his wedding in November and that is totally fake. He gave a shocking reaction to this news in the media which was nothing more than just rumors, and furthermore, he has requested everyone to avoid such news in the future.

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