psl 2024 7th team
psl 2024 7th team

PSL 2024 7th Team – PSL 7th team 2024 – Middlesex In PSL 9

It’s been a long time now since the Pakistan Super League started and from nowhere it is now the biggest brand of Pakistan and definitely one of the top 3 around the world, one thing we all always want to find out is the addition of another team in the Pakistan Super League.

As we all know, this is also the need of the hour but this question is still unanswered by the board members and the stakeholders of PSL, let’s find about some details about the inclusion of another team;


The Pakistan Super League is the biggest brand of Pakistan cricket right now and the brand value of this tournament is sky high as well and no one can deny this fact. So when we look at the bigger picture we all know the more you spend in cricket leagues – the more you can earn as well and that’s a big number as well in all the cricket leagues around the world as well.

One of the major questions around us is about the cost of the 7TH team in the Pakistan Super League so let us take a look at the cost of previous PSL teams and what cost we should expect of the new PSL team whenever it will be added;


This Tournament was launched in 2015, the first edition of the tournament was held in UAE and the league was in its starting phase as well but as we look deep into it you will be surprised that the 5 teams that were initially launched at the inaugural edition of the Pakistan Super League.


Only 5 teams were added at the start of the tournament and when these teams were sold out, as per media reports and sources we can claim that those 5 teams of the HBL Pakistan Super League cost owners around $ 93-95 Million and which will be around 2400-2500 CR PKR when converted into Pakistani rupees and that was the time when PSL wasn’t a big or successful brand as well.

At that time the most expensive PSL team was the Karachi based franchise – named as Karachi Kings and the cost of this franchise in 2015 was around $ 26 Million, which was owned by Salman Iqbal and ARY Group in the inaugural season of PSL.


After the successful launch of Pakistan Super League in 2015, the world praised this league because of the standards of bowling in this league were unmatchable – after 3 years media started to hype about the 6TH team in PSL and that was true as well when a new franchise Multan Sultans was announced as the sixth team which will take part in HBL PSL from now on as well.

The cost of this franchise in 2018 was the highest for any team in PSL, as the PSL had already been established at that time so the owners had to pay an amount of more than $ 41 Million and which was now the most expensive team of the Pakistan Super League beating Karachi King’s record of $ 26 Million in 2018.


So, as we have already mentioned everything about the expense of teams in the Pakistan Super League now we can conclude that the most expensive team when PSL was started way back in 2015 was of $ 26 Million and which was then beaten by Sultan’s in 2018 when they paid $ 41 Million for a PSL team, which this data we can say that there was a hike of around 42-45% in the payment of new team when PSL was considered successful but wasn’t completely shifted to Pakistan.

With this we can conclude that the cost of the new team for any private company or businessman in the Pakistan Super League will be around $ 80-100 Million whenever the decision will be taken in order to add a new team to the HBL PSL and then it will definitely become the most expensive team in this T20 competition.


In a press conference when the schedule of PSL was announced by the chairman Najam Sethi, he was asked the same question about the inclusion of another team in PSL as it’s been 8 editions now but still no sign of 7Th team on which he admitted the fact.

PSL definitely needs seven or even eight teams now but previous management wasn’t able to do so because of some issues between board and owners but he would talk to them and will make sure that he will proceed in this regard “ Najam Sethi’s (PCB Chairman) replied.


The first edition of the Pakistan Super League was started in 2016 with only 5 teams and after that, in 2018 another team from Multan was added, and now again there are voices about the addition of another team which can be from any other big city in Pakistan like Kashmir or from any previous domestic structure like Sialkot Stallions which had his own fan-base back in playing days but these are all rumors till the date it’s officially disclosed by the board.


One of the major news in the regard of 7Th team of the Pakistan Super League is that a county team “ MIDDLESEX “ is interested to play in Pakistan Super League season 9 because they feel that this event can boost the skill level of their players and PCB is also very keen to look forward in this matter as they will love to host an international team in Pakistan Super League.


According to the reports the CEO of the county team Middlesex (Andrew Cornish) has already held a meeting in this regard with the board officials and he thinks there will be no objection from ECB to allow their team in PSL 2024 if all the other negotiations with PCB and stake holders ends on a good note.


At the moment we cannot say anything about the future of the 7Th PSL team but talks are definitely around and PCB is also keen to take this forward, we can have good results because we all know PCB always had a good relationship with ECB which will make things to happen easier, also many county players who are world superstars right now have made their name through Pakistan Super League so this will not only benefit Pakistan but also a good step forward for English cricket.


Ramiz Raja, the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board told media about the inclusion of 7TH team in the Pakistan Super League in a press conference before PSL 8 and he clarified that there is no current possibility of the addition of the 7TH team in HBL PSL.

He further added, that whenever talks like this will be under the radar and PCB will plan something like that about PSL, the media will be informed about this whole story and at the moment we are still working for the betterment of the current teams before adding more teams into the tournament.


As we know that the cost of the most expensive PSL team in 2018 was $ 41 Million and which is the most for any team – so when we talk about Middlesex County Team’s inclusion in the PSL what to expect from the county team to pay in Pakistan Super League.

The answer to this question is that even other teams had paid millions of dollars for a franchise in Pakistan Super League, but the same will not be the case with the Middlesex County Team and PCB will also be aware of this scenario as well.

The main reason to allow Middlesex in PSL is to increase the brand value of PSL and in same case it will help Middlesex and their players to revive their county brand as a good T20 franchise because in recent past their performances aren’t top class in Vitality Blast as well.


As I have mentioned, I don’t think the County team will play that much to join PSL like other teams but still we can say that the expenses ECB has to play in this regard will be the expenses of transport, accommodation and personal allowances of those players that will travel to Pakistan to participate in the Pakistan Super League for the league time period which is around one month of time frame.


Whenever the Pakistan Super League season is just around the corner, there is always a fever on social media about the new team in the Pakistan Super League and the same is the case with PSL 2024 as well.

The tournament currently operates with six teams that feature in Pakistan Super League which include, Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, Lahore Qalandars, and Multan Sultans, but now there is news that Pakistan Cricket Board is looking to add one more team to the mix for the PSL 2024 season.


This time there is little confirmation about this news as well because of the news regarding the inclusion of a new PSL team in PSL 2024. The news regarding the new PSL team spread like fire in the jungle and it is circulating in media with the name of the former Pakistani captain, Rashid Latif who is very active on social media.

According to Rashid Latif, there is a huge possibility of the inclusion of a new team in PSL 2024 as the payment of the upcoming PSL team is also received by the PCB, and the name of the team is also done for the upcoming PSL 2024 season.

Rashid Latif, the former Pakistani player is nowadays also involved in the Pakistan Cricket Board with the recent changes in PCB, he is now nominated in the technical committee under Zaka Ashraf, the new PCB chairman, and the committee is headed by Misbah Ul Haq.


As always when we talk about the new teams in PSL 2024, there are quite a few circulations regarding the name of the new team in PSL 2024 but there is nothing official yet from the PCB. The expected team that can be added to the PSL 2024 might be from Sialkot or from Faisalabad.


The officials of Pakistan Cricket Board have announced that there will be no addition of a new team in the PSL 2024. It is also announced that the new teams in the Pakistan Super League will be added to the tournament after the tenth edition of the PSL.

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