Naseem Shah, the right-arm pacer of the Pakistan team made his TEST debut for Pakistan at the young age of 16, talks about his pedigree as a bowler and he made his white-ball debut in 2022, since that he has taken the world by storm and because of his many match-winning performances he is now a permanent member of Pakistan’s pace attack.

Shaun Tait worked with the Pakistan team as a bowling coach for almost a year and he had a close look at Naseem Shah during all these times which made him give this statement that he has not seen a bowler, better than Naseem Shah as such a young age of his career.

Shaun Tait expressed his views regarding the quality of Naseem Shah as he admired the skill level of Naseem Shah and because he has worked closely with Naseem Shah he thinks he can say that Naseem Shah is one of the finest bowlers, he has seen someone at such a young age.

‘’ I just thought he was fantastic, and I loved working with him. I think at this age now, the early 20s, he is probably the best bowler, and it’s a big call but I am going to say that he is nearly the best fast bowler I have ever seen at that age ‘’, Shaun Tait on Naseem Shah.

‘’ As far as his ability, his brain, his desires, and his competitiveness is concerned, he is almost a complete package. There is no such thing but he is nearly there ‘’, he further added.

The former coach of Pakistan, praised the skills level of Naseem Shah with the bowl because he thinks that he can bowl in swingers, outswingers, reverse swings, or any kind of stock ball, that’s why he thinks that Naseem Shah is a complete bowler and is much mature from his age. He also praised the ability and competitiveness of Naseem Shah because he thinks that he is almost there among the bests we have seen, and even though it’s an early call, but everyone will accept that in the future.

‘’ He is someone who can swing the ball both ways when he wants and can also reverse the old ball. He takes the pace off very well and can bowl good Yorkers I think he is a fantastic player and he is mature beyond his age as well ‘’, he concluded.

Shaun Tait has already expressed many times that he loves working with the pace bowlers of the Pakistan team because as we all know that they are quick learners and are one of the best pace attacks in the world of cricket which no one can deny, but he picks Naseem Shah as the better of the lot and he thinks that there is no better than Naseem Shah currently.

The former Australian, Shaun Tait was well known for his quick bowling and was regarded as one of the finest at his time. To earn words of praise from a quality bowler like Shaun Tait is a very proud moment for Naseem Shah as well.

Earlier in a YouTube video, Pakistan’s left-arm pacer, Muhammad Amir also gave his views about the best fast bowler in the current Pakistani team and his personal favorite as well. Muhammad Amir also replied with Naseem Shah because he thinks that Naseem Shah is ahead of his age, he is a very mature bowler who sets the field himself on his bowling and he has everything that takes anyone to be a complete bowler in international cricket.

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