Pakistan’s newly appointed Director, Mickey Arthur in an interview slams the negative approach of Pakistan’s TEST team and hints at some changes in that as well.

Mickey Arthur further while speaking to the sports journalists, said that the Pakistan TEST team couldn’t perform very well in recent times when he was away from the team, talking about his future plans, he said that he wants to build a TEST team where the players will take the game on and put the opponent under pressure without any fear.

‘’ We have to start playing a brand of cricket that takes the game on. A brand of cricket that allows our players to take the game on without any recriminations. We have got to allow them to take the game on without fear. We have got to put our opponents under pressure ‘’, Mickey Arthur said in his interview.

The director of the Pakistan team, Mickey Arthur criticized the playing style of the Pakistan TEST team and labeled that as a negative approach, he shows interest to fix this by allowing the players to play freely without any pressure.

‘’ Pakistan’s test cricket in the last while hasn’t aged well; it’s almost been a little bit negative, it that’s the right word ‘’, he further added.

We all will love to see positive results in the future, the way he has shown his intentions to fix things in the Pakistan team, but the main point here is that Mickey Arthur is not new in the management role of the Pakistan team and that’s where critics will taunt him for his previous record when he served as the head coach of the Pakistan cricket team from 2016 to 2019 and was removed from his position after the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Pakistan’s former captain, Rashid Latif takes a dig at the director of the Pakistan team – he took his Twitter handle and posted the stats of the Pakistan team in TEST format under Mickey Arthur because we all know how Pakistan TEST team performed in his previous tenure of 2016 – 2019.

He sarcastically said; ‘’ Yes we have issues in Test cricket ‘’, and posted the stats of the Pakistan TEST team under Mickey’s previous tenure which are as follows;


Irrespective of the stats, the Pakistan Test team performed really poorly in his previous tenure, a total of 28 matches were played, out of which 17 matches were lost by the Pakistan team as Pakistan only managed to draw one test in his tenure.

Cricket fans will definitely judge him on his previous record but apart from TEST cricket Pakistan also managed to win the 2017 Champions Trophy as well as the #1 ranked T20I team in his tenure. So, every day is a new day and Mickey Arthur again joins the Pakistan team with new hopes for the betterment of the Pakistan team, but only time will tell where our cricket will stand in the upcoming future.

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