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Pakistan’s left-arm pacer, Muhammad Amir spoke on his YouTube channel about the captaincy of Pakistan’s ODI team and gave his viewpoint on the captaincy issues, and his relation with Babar Azam in recent times.

Muhammad Amir strongly believes that Babar Azam is the obvious choice for Pakistan’s ODI captaincy leading into the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and there is no sense of any change in the leadership role of the Pakistan team at this point in time.

‘’ I think now it’s the right time for the board to announce the captain of Pakistan’s ODI team, only 3-4 months are left before the start of the World Cup and we have hardly any series left apart from Asia Cup 2023 ‘’, Muhammad Amir speaking to his YouTube channel.

‘’ I don’t think there is a question whether you will change Babar Azam, there is only one series left before World Cup and as Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced the coaches, I think they should also announce Babar Azam as captain to end all these the speculations ‘’, he further added.

The left-arm pacer said that it will be better for Babar Azam as well so that he can have this clarity before the World Cup and can sit with the team management to decide the pool of players leading into the World Cup by the captain and coach. This will help Babar Azam in better decision-making regarding the players he wants to pick for the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup.

He says that it will be better if Pakistan Cricket Board officially announces Babar Azam as the captain of the team in the World Cup which will be better for the Pakistan Cricket Team.

Muhammad Amir has also stressed on this point that why is this question even raised as there is no other option than Babar Azam at this time for the captaincy of the Pakistan team.

‘’ Why is there even a question at this time? There should not be any question regarding Babar Azam’s captaincy at this time because we don’t have the time nor any other option. ‘’, Pakistani pacer Muhammad Amir believes Babar Azam is the best to lead the team right now.

If you are even thinking of any change, just see that after the World Cup as he is leading the team for three years and there is no better option than him in terms of experience for the captaincy of the 2023 Cricket World Cup ‘’, he added.

There was a question asked to Muhammad Amir by the host related to his interview in the Pakistan Super League when he said: bowling to Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam or any tail-ender batsman, both are same to me.

Muhammad Amir criticized all those people who misinterpreted his statement and said that I have always called Babar Azam, the best batsman of Pakistan and he is the most difficult batsman to bowl in ODI cricket as well as in TEST cricket because of his technique.

‘’ Why will I call the best player of Pakistan a tail-ender? My point was that whether it’s Babar Azam playing or the #11 player, for me the wicket is important which will eventually benefit my team and that was my point that every wicket is important for me ‘’, Muhammad Amir cleared his statement.

The left-arm pacer took all those cleaners who also criticized him for his aggression to which he replied that I have never been fined by the match referee and that means his aggression was within limits.

‘’ Some people wanted viewership and they did all this, some people on TV even said how will Amir face Babar again? I was hurt when I saw this on TV because I always rate Babar Azam as the best batsman in Pakistan and we both have a good mutual understanding ‘’, he spoke about his healthy relationship with Babar Azam.

In the recently concluded PSL season, Muhammad Amir played for Karachi Kings and took 9 wickets in 7 matches he featured for his team in the playing XI, fans are still hoping for Muhammad Amir to make a comeback into the Pakistan team. What are your views about the comeback of Muhammad Amir in the Pakistan team?

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