Pakistan was supposed to host the 16TH edition of the Asia Cup 2023 tournament this year, but as always Indian Cricket Board has left no stone unturned to stop this from happening, BCCI is even ready to sacrifice the tournament but is not willing to let this tournament happen in Pakistan.

PCB chairman, Najam Sethi in an interview on a TV channel, made it clear that the tournament will not take place in the United Kingdom – he has further said that Pakistan Cricket Board has the authority to choose the tournament venue.

‘’ England could be a possibility as a venue for the Asia Cup 2023 to happen this year ‘’, Najam Sethi hinted on Asia Cup 2023 venue.

This is still a possibility as nothing is confirmed yet, time-by-time Pakistan Cricket Board has proposed a new hybrid model for the Asia Cup 2023 to take place this year which is very important for the preparation of all the teams leading into the ICC ODI Cricket World 2023 later this year but India is still not ready to cooperate in this regard as they want the full tournament to be played on a neutral venue as they don’t want Pakistan to host this tournament.

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi has been trying his best for Asia Cup 2023 to happen, PCB proposed a model in which all teams will come and play in Pakistan except the Indian team whose matches will be played at a neutral venue but that was not accepted by BCCI.

Pakistan Cricket Board started to work on this matter again in order to save the Asia Cup 2023, after India has been refused to take part in the tournament, even with the proposed hybrid model, if any part of the tournament will be played in Pakistan.

According to the latest updates, Najam Sethi has proposed a new hybrid model with some changes in the previous model, in this new proposed model by the PCB, all teams except India will come to Pakistan and play four matches of the tournament and after that, they will fly to UAE with Pakistan for the rest of the tournament along with the FINAL to be played in UAE.

  • Indian Cricket Board should’ve accepted this model because they don’t have to tour Pakistan in this case, and all the other teams like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan are ready to play matches in Pakistan as well.

This seems to be the last attempt by the PCB in order to save the Asia Cup 2023, incase PCB fails this time we might not see Asia Cup this year and that tournament will be replaced by some other tournaments like the five-nation tournament proposed by the Indian Cricket Board or some international series that are expected to be played by Pakistan, but only time will tell us what will be the future of the Asia Cup 2023.

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