The newly appointed director of the Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team, Mickey Arthur, speaks his heart out for the Pakistan team and tells us what he thinks about the team’s culture, brand, and playing style for the Pakistan team.

The new playing style of the Pakistan Cricket Team will be known as ‘’ THE PAKISTAN WAY ‘’, this style of play will be followed by the Pakistan cricket team in the future, especially in the upcoming ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 later this year in India.

The director of the Pakistan team, Mickey Arthur stressed on building a good culture, a brand, and a playing style for a team, he thinks these are the ingredients that are needed for a team to move in the positive direction and even if this backfires but still you don’t have to worry for the future.

‘’ If a team wins without a culture, without a brand or without a style of play, this can work for a team but for a short period of time, and at the end the team will eventually fall but if the team is losing with a culture, brand and a playing style, then they are moving in the right direction ‘’, Mickey Arthur on Pakistan team’s future strategy.

The proposed style of play which will be adopted by the Pakistan team in the future is a strategy to approach the game in a positive and attacking manner, the style of playing cricket we all can see evolving in the world of cricket.

Mickey Arthur who was the head coach of a young Pakistan team when we won the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, he is again back with the team but in a different role this time and as a director he wants to create a difference so that the world will applaud the positive approach of the Pakistan team in future.

‘’ So, How do we achieve ‘’ THE PAKISTAN WAY ‘’? We can achieve this by winning while having our own culture, a brand of cricket, and a positive style of play and without this culture, we will not be satisfied with our wins. Pakistan as a nation is a very proud one because of its identity, culture, and style. I love Pakistan and Pakistan cricket: I want to leave a legacy behind as a director of this Pakistan team where the rest of the world says we want to play The Pakistan Way ‘’, he further added.

Mickey Arthur further said that he wants the team management to build a culture where a player’s success is enjoyed by everyone and create an environment in the team where everyone can speak up at any time. He wants everyone to be treated equally in the Pakistan team so all players can back themselves for collective goals as a nation and team.

This is actually the same type of thing that the current all-format captain of the Pakistan team, Babar Azam has mentioned many times that every player in the team enjoys the success of other players and we all have also seen the same thing on-field as well where one player gets a hundred and the other seems to be more delighted on this achievement.

The new brand of cricket that the management has mentioned will be seen in the future when Pakistan will play its matches in preparation for the World Cup, the Men In Green are scheduled to play 3 ODI matches against the Afghanistan team just before the ICC World Cup – there is also much news regarding the PCB that they are also in contacts with Sri Lankan Board to arrange some more ODI matches for the Pakistan team to prepare better for the World Cup 2023.

That’s actually a very good thing that the captain and the management, are on the same page which will eventually help Pakistan in building a better and stronger team for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 this year.

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