Who Is Babar Azam Best Friend – Babar Azam Best Friend Name


The captain of the Pakistan cricket team is one of the top public figures in this country and there are his fans who want to search for everything about his personal life and one main thing that everyone wants to know that who is the person on which Babar Azam trusts the most and who he call his best friend.

The best friend of the National captain Babar Azam is his childhood friend and his current teammate Imam-Ul-Haq, who is the nephew of the former Pakistani captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq.

Imam Ul Haq as we all know is a left-handed batter of the Pakistan cricket team who plays ODIs as well as test cricket regularly for the Pakistan team, he made his debut after Babar Azam in international cricket but he is not much different from Babar Azam as he also has a strong base and is also a very good technical batsman, he also holds a special record of scoring century on his ODI debut for Pakistan as well.


The answer to this question is ‘’ YES ‘’, definitely there is nothing wrong in this statement as we all know that the best friend of the Pakistani Captain Babar Azam is none other than the stylish left-handed batter Imam Ul Haq.


Imam Ul Haq was once asked in a clip which was posted by the social media account of PCB, that what are his views about Babar Azam on which he replied that: ‘’ Babar Azam is my best friend, we have been playing cricket together since the start and it’s been 10 years since we are friends when we used to play U-19 cricket for Pakistan and now he is leading the Pakistan National Team and I am proud of him ‘’

He also added that he wishes that his best friend continues to serve the national team in the future as well as he has done for many years.

There was another incident that shows the understanding and love of both players of the Pakistan team, Imam was asked in an interview to give his views about this Babar vs Virat debate on which he showed his respect for his best friend and said that he wants his captain to break all the records of the Indian captain Virat Kohli in future.

‘’ Virat Kohli is a legend and there is no doubt in this statement but you can’t compare them as well because as far as Babar Azam is concerned right now he is way ahead of Virat if you compare the careers of both players at this point in time and as my captain of Pakistan I would want Babar to break all the records of Kohli ‘’ he said he wants Babar Azam to end up with more career runs than Kohli after the end of his career.

Imam also gave Babar Azam the credit of his success because he was in immense pressure when he was alleged that he made his debut for the Pakistan team because of his uncle but he had scored many runs in the domestic competitions as well, Imam accepted that Babar Azam supported me in those tough times.


When there was no cricket going on during the COVID times and everyone was quarantined, Shoaib Malik did an online Instagram session with Babar Azam and in that candid conversation, he asked Babar Azam what will he do if there is an option for him to choose only one?? GIRLFRIEND OR IMAM UL HAQ?? To which the captain of Pakistan replied that there is no other thought in this, a friend is a friend and that’s why i will choose Imam any day.

  • We can wrap it up by just saying that they both understand themselves very well because they are playing cricket from the start of their careers together and they trust each other and that’s the main reason of their success as a batting pair as well because of their good communication and understanding while batting with each other, there are definitely the best friends of each other and no one can deny this fact.

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