Haroon Rasheed, the chief selector of Pakistan has an eye on the young talent of Pakistan and he names three potential players that can contribute to Pakistan in the future.

In his recent interview with Cricket Pakistan, Haroon Rasheed who is currently serving as the Chief Selector of Pakistan talked about many aspects of Pakistan Cricket, and is very happy to have such outstanding young players in our future.

Chief Selector, Haroon Rasheed has also shed light on the importance of domestic cricket and he thinks that we should pick those players for Pakistan that are performing in domestic cricket otherwise it’s of no use, he also stated that it is very important to arrange a foreign tour so we could evaluate our domestic players in a better way and which will be better for us to select players for the National team.

 ‘’ If you will not honor your domestic cricket, then there is no substantial use of all this cricket. That’s why we have tried to arrange junior tours as much as possible. So, we can see better and evaluate their performance in foreign conditions other than domestic conditions only ‘’, Haroon Rasheed said.

The chief selector of Pakistan also thinks that there are three players in Pakistan who can contribute to the success of Pakistan in the future, he says that all these players are performing consistently for Pakistan in domestic as well as on their recent tours.

Muhammad Huraira and Omair Bin Yousaf were one of the top run scorers on their recent tour to Zimbabwe, both topped the batting charts and were equally good during the whole tour – Omair Bin Yousaf scored his career-best 250 not out in the TEST series and topped the batting charts with 348 runs from three innings, Muhammad Huraira also scored as many runs in the TEST series with an impressive average of 121 as well in just two innings, he played in TEST cricket. Aamer Jamal was also one of the best performers on the recent Zimbabwe tour as he picked up 21 wickets, and as a result, he is awarded selection in the National team.

‘’ Because of our tours, we have seen Muhammad Huraira, Aamer Jamal, and Omair Bin Yousaf, all these of these performed and are delivering outstanding performances for two to three years ‘’, he added.

Out of these three players mentioned by Haroon Rasheed, the Chief Selector has selected two players, the two players who have received their maiden call-ups for Pakistan are Muhammad Huraira and Aamer Jamal who are selected for the two-match TEST series against Srilanka. Omair Bin Yousaf performed brilliantly on his recent tour but it feels like the selectors picked Huraira because he has been performing for a long time but a call for Omair Bin Yousaf is not far away.

‘’ Huraira has been performing for two to three years whereas Omair Bin Yousaf has emerged recently, which is indeed a very good sign for Pakistan. We are hoping that these two players who wouldn’t be able to secure a spot in Pakistan’s team, we certainly would see them in action in Pakistan Shaheens ‘’, he further added.

The Chief Selector of Pakistan is also very optimistic about the future of Pakistan as he rates the young talent in Pakistan highly with an average age of 27 – 28 years. He thinks that if these players can take care of their fitness and can continue to perform consistently, up to their potential, we will be one of the strongest units in the future, and considering the future, we have already started working as well.

 ‘’ If you ask me, I would say that we are very lucky to have this amazing lot, their average age is around 27 to 28 years, so if this squad remains fit for the next four to six years and keeps performing consistently, it can shape into a very strong unit in the future. I can see a very bright future for the Pakistan’s cricket team. The kind of measure we are taking, I am certain that it will eventually return good for us ‘’, he concluded.

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