ind vs pak 2023
ind vs pak 2023

Gambhir Not Happy With Ind-Pak Player’s Interactions During The Asia Cup 2023

Gambhir Not Happy With Ind-Pak Player’s Interactions During The Asia Cup 2023:

India and Pakistan played their match against each other in Kandy, but unfortunately, because of continuous rain, the match ended with no result.

While talking to STAR SPORTS, Gautham wasn’t happy with the friendships of the players who were interacting with each other on the ground during the group stage match of the Asia Cup 2023.

‘’ When you play on the field for the national team, you must leave the friendship outside the field. The friendship has to stay outside during the match. There has to be aggression in the eyes of players from both teams. You can be friendly after 6-7 hours of cricket ‘’, Gautham Gambhir added.

Gambhir believes that a player is the face of the whole nation so these things should kept outside the field. Players from both sides, India and Pakistan were seen chatting with each other in the ground during the practice and after the match.

‘’ Those hours are very important because you are not just representing yourself, you are representing a nation. These days you see players of rival teams interacting with other players. You would never see that a few years ago ‘’, he further added.

Gautham Gambhir also advised the players to maintain a healthy rivalry and asked them to refrain from that line of getting too personal while sledding the rival players.

‘’ You can sledge but don’t get personal. You have to stay within the limits. Don’t involve someone’s family member as well. There is no harm in banter. In games against Pakistan and Australia, we used to have banters ‘’, he concluded.

As the India-Pakistan match was washed out due to rain, Virat Kohli was seen again interacting with the Pakistani cricketers after the end of the match.

Pakistan and India are now scheduled to play against each other again in the SUPER 4 stage of the tournament, the match will be played on 10 SEPTEMBER, 2023.

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