ICC ODI World Cup 2023 – Top Players Who Will Play Their Last Cricket World Cup This Year

ICC ODI World Cup 2023:

Let’s take a look at those players who will feature in World Cup for the last time. The likes of Virat Kohli, David Warner, etc. might play their last ODI World Cup this year in India.

In the upcoming 2023 Cricket World Cup, we will see many top-class cricket players for the one last time in the 50-overs World Cup as many players might not be international cricketers at the time of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2027.

The 2027 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the 14TH edition of the Cricket World Cups and at that time many big names in world cricket might have retired from this form of the game, and some of those names are as follows;


One of the world’s greatest players, Virat Kohli is first on this unfortunate list of those players who we might not see in the 2027 ICC World Cup. He is definitely one of the great of the game but one day he has to hand his boots.

Even though the former Indian captain is one of the fittest players in the world but by the time, Virat Kohli will play this World Cup 2023, he will be 35 years of age and that means, the former Indian skipper will be around the age of 39, by the time the Cricket World Cup 2027 will be played and it will be very difficult for him to continue playing for India till that time.


Another Indian player, Rohit Sharma will be on this list whom we might see for the one last time in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. He is one of the greatest openers of white-ball cricket and was the highest runs scorer of the 2019 Cricket World Cup as well.

The current captain of the Indian team is already 36 years of age and by the time the 2027 World Cup will be played, he will be more than 40 years and it will be very shocking if he plays the 2027 ODI World Cup for India, considering the young talent coming to serve India in future.


The right-handed batsman from Australia, Steve Smith will also be the one who might play his last ODI World Cup this year. He is also regarded as one of the greatest TEST BATSMAN in the modern era and if he wants to prolong his test career, eh might have to give up on this format as well.

By the time, the 2027 ICC Cricket World Cup will be played, Steve Smith will be around 38 years. Even though he can play if he continues his fitness and performances but still I think he might not be a part of the Australian side for the 2027 World Cup.


One of the best all-rounders of the game, Shakib Al Hasan will also feature in this list as he will also play his last ODI Cricket World Cup this year in India for Bangladesh. Even though he isn’t rated much but the fact is that he is the #1 ranked ICC all-rounder for a long time, which speaks of his talent.

The left-handed batsman is already 36 years of age and by the time of the 2027 ICC World Cup, he will be of around 41 years and till that we might have seen the last of Shakib Al Hasan in Bangladesh colors.


Another batsman from Australia, one of the best left-handers batters of the modern era, David Warner will also play the 2023 ODI World Cup as the last one of his career. He has also announced that he will be retiring from International Cricket in 2024 around one year, after the 2024 T20 World Cup.

The veteran Australian batter will be already 37 around the time of the 2023 ICC World Cup and that means it’s almost certain that he will not play the 2027 ODI World Cup for Australia and has also hinted his TEST and International retirement in the mid-2024 as well.


One of the best batsmen produced by the England team, Joe Root might also play his last ODI World Cup this year. Joe Root might also have to give up on this format if he wants to prolong his test career which seems to be his favorite format but he is equally good in ODIs as well.

Even though he is the youngest among all and is just 32 years but still looking at the past record of England, players choose to retire and don’t want to prolong their career without any reason, especially when you have such batting talent waiting for a chance. Joe Root hasn’t even played T20I matches for England for a long time.

Which Batters Do You Think Will Be Playing Their Last ODI Cricket Cup For Sure And We Will Not See Those Players Again In ICC Cricket World Cups?

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