Multan Sultans Manager
Multan Sultans Manager

PSL 2024: Multan Sultans Hired Hijab Zahid As The First Female Manager In The PSL

PSL 2024:

Pakistan Super League currently operates with six franchises in the tournament, and this is the first time that a female will fill the role of a Manager in a PSL franchise.

Multan Sultans were the last one to join the tournament as the sixth team, but now they are definitely one of the top PSL franchises.


Haider Azhar worked with Multan Sultans as their General Manager, and now Hijab Zahid, a very talented journalist will take up this role in the Sultan’s franchise.

Even though Ali Tareen was the co-owner of this franchise with his uncle, Alamgir Tareen who died some time ago. Now, Ali Tareen will take control as the owner of the Multan Sultans from the PSL 2024 season.

Multan Sultans has appointed the first female as the General Manager of the franchise, Hijab Zahid.

She currently works with Grassroots Cricket and has a master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Hertfordshire.

‘’ Hijab was the first person that came to my mind. I knew she was much more capable of what her current job demands of her, and I knew she was the person I wanted to talk ‘’, Ali Tareen added.

Ali Tareen has also announced that he will also look forward to hiring three more female coaches before the start of the PSL 2024.

‘’ We have three male coaches, and we will try to hire three female coaches. We want to have them in the place before the start of the PSL. I expect the female coaches to be foreign coaches for now, these are the coaches, we expect to move on and help us out with the women’s team as well. I hope to achieve gender parity for the season as long as I am the owner ‘’, Tareen further added.

The upcoming season of the Pakistan Super League is scheduled to be played from JANUARY – FEBRUARY, 2024. The official dates for the PSL 2024 season are not revealed yet.

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