PCB Faced Backlash On Uploading A Tribute Video Without Imran Khan

PCB Faced Backlash:

Cricket fans of the Pakistan team all around the world heavily criticized the video that was uploaded by the Pakistan Cricket Board in which they didn’t feature the former Pakistani captain, Imran Khan.

Pakistan Cricket Board faced a huge backlash on social media because this video which was uploaded as a tribute to Pakistan Cricket and Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to the famous 92 World Cup win was omitted from the video.

The 1992 World Cup-winning captain wasn’t a part of the video that covers the top cricketing moments of Pakistan cricket so far and that too just because Imran Khan is now a politician and even after so much time no one is here to take the blame.

Everyone says that cricket should be above politics but to ignore the services of the former Pakistani captain, Imran Khan just for the sake of the ‘’ Political Agenda ‘’ isn’t the way going forward and PCB should be shameful on this act.

The 70-year-old Pakistani politician who served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. His government ended in 2021 following a no-confidence motion and after that, he is now disqualified from the elections as well as arrested on court orders.

The fans of Pakistan cricket heavily criticized Pakistan Cricket Board on social media for this act and international media also hyped this matter as the legendary pacer, Wasim Akram also spoke on media about not featuring Imran Khan in the PCB’s tribute video.


The legendary left-arm pacer of Pakistan, Wasim Akram who played a huge role in winning the 1992 World Cup also backed Imran Khan and has asked Pakistan Cricket Board to delete the video from their social media handle.

The former Pakistani captain, Wasim Akram criticized the approach of the Pakistan Cricket Board because of politics and he request PCB to remove that video and apologize to everyone for this act, which you can’t justify.

‘’ I got the shock of my life when I watched PCB’s short clip on the history of Pakistan cricket minus the great Imran Khan… political differences apart but Imran Khan is an icon of world cricket and developed Pakistan into a strong unit in his time and gave us pathway… PCB should delete the video and apologize ‘’, Wasim Akram wrote on his Twitter account.


Imran Khan is a former Pakistani cricketer who is regarded as one of the finest ever to play the game. He was one of the greatest all-rounders as he has picked up 362 TEST wickets, and 182 ODI wickets. The former Pakistani captain also scored around 6000 runs in international cricket for Pakistan.

The former Pakistani captain, Imran Khan served Pakistan for more than 20 years and eventually retired after winning the 1992 World Cup title, but in the PCB’s tribute video, he was left out by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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