saudia cricket league
saudia cricket league

Saudi Arabia T20 League – Babar Azam And Virat Kohli In Same Team


The biggest news on social media nowadays is that Saudia Arabia is willing to invest in cricket in the near future as they want to launch a new T20 league which is expected to be even more expensive than the IPL and this news has taken social media by storm.

According to the media reports, Saudia Arabia has decided to host the world’s most expensive cricket T20 league and for that, they have contacted BCCI as well and given them a proposal so that Indian players can be a part of this new T20 League by Saudia Arabia.

Even though BCCI has never allowed their players to play in any T20 league other than the Indian Premier League, but as per media reports, the rules are likely to be relaxed down on the request of the Saudia Arabia official authorities and that will be a great step for the future of cricket.

For a normal country, if you think of creating a bigger T20 League than IPL, this seems impossible but we are talking about Saudia Arabia and we all know that the thing that matters the most in launching a T20 League is money, Saudia Arabia has no one to stand in its competition and if BCCI agrees with their proposal they both can establish the world’s most expensive cricket league in the future.

So, by the look at how things are taking place for this new T20 League, we can predict that if this T20 League takes place, we can see players from both India and Pakistan in the same T20 league and that will definitely attract the audience from all over the world.

This is also very big news because very rarely in the history of T20 cricket, both players from the arch-rivals have played in the same league, Pakistani players have played in IPL but that happened nearly 15 years ago and if this happens again it will definitely inspire the new generation to see the current T20 superstars from both India and Pakistan on their TV screens.

In this case, Pakistani left-arm pacer, Wasim Akram also known as the ‘’ SWING KA SULTAN ‘’, visited Saudia Arabia and talked about the future of cricket in Saudia Arabia with the higher officials, and we all know for the success of any T20 League, Pakistan is also gonna be a very main pillar for the League to blossom because of the fan following and the players we call as the ‘’ T20 Specialists ‘’ of cricket.

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