As we all know, there has been a thing with the PCB chairman that with every government change, there is also a change expected in the PCB management roles as well and things are again going in that direction – Pakistan Muslim League (N) and their collation partner Pakistan People Party both are trying their best to make their PCB chairman and Zaka Ashraf is the front runner in the list of new PCB chairman.

Ramiz Raja was the 36th chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board after he was appointed as chairman by the former PM, Imran Khan, and his tenure ended after 15 months when the current PM, Shahbaz Sharif confirmed the appointment of Najam Sethi as the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

  • The government of Pakistan Muslim League (N), approved the appointment of the 14-member committee led by Najam Sethi to manage the PCB operations for 120 days.

Najam Sethi was appointed as the Chairman of The PCB management committee as Ramiz Raja was ousted from his office when there was a change in government in Pakistan. The current PCB chairman, Najam Sethi, a seasoned cricket administrator took charge of the PCB as there were some tasks assigned to him, and was appointed as chairman for the next four to five months till the elections.


Najam Sethi came into power with some objectives, the first one was the revival of departmental cricket when he announced in his initial press conference that everything is ready and you will see the revival of departmental cricket soon but even after five months, that stance there is still no news of the revival of departmental cricket.

Another objective of Najam Sethi was to build better relations with the other cricket boards and organize the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan, as we all know, as per the current reports by the Indian media outlets, Asian Cricket Council has rejected the hybrid model proposed by Najam Sethi and even in this case he has failed to do any favor to Pakistan cricket.

  • According to reports, Indian Cricket Board has successfully taken the consent of all the other members of the Asian Cricket Council that Asia Cup 2023 should be held at a single venue. So, the hybrid model given by Najam Sethi for the Asia Cup 2023 has been rejected.

Ramiz Raja till his tenure had a firm stance on Asia Cup 2023 that if Indian Cricket Board is not ready to tour Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup this year, we will also not tour India for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 later this year.

The Chairman of the PCB management committee, Najam Sethi although stood firm on that stance, also gave many statements and attended some meetings as well but still, he couldn’t manage things well and now the news from other countries isn’t in our favor.

Najam Sethi even though was very keen since his return to make some difference in Pakistan Cricket but he couldn’t do anything better, all the friendly countries of Pakistan aren’t even willing to support Pakistan on a principle stance so there must be some fault in the management of PCB operations.


According to the reports, the current government which is basically a coalition government now wants some changes in the PCB’s top roles, and if that is accepted by the government then Zaka Ashraf, who also served as the PCB chairman from 2011 – 2024 tenure is again expected to come back as the chairman of the PCB.

  • Zaka Ashraf is basically linked with the Pakistan People’s Party and has also worked in many top positions in his career especially as PCB Chairman during the tenure of the PPP government till 2014 when he was removed by Nawaz Sharif, the PM of the next government.

According to the reports, Pakistan People’s Party is keen to have their proposed man as the new Chairman of the PCB and they think that the Federal Minister of Sports is from PPP so, they should have the right to choose the PCB Chairman.

The current PCB Chairman is also expected to visit the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif soon to discuss the matter and what’s his future as the Chairman of the PCB management committee and whether he will get an extension in his role as Chairman or will someone be given a chance now.

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